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A Dave and Matt van parked by a river

If the van life is for you, it’s time you learned about Dave and Matt Vans in Colorado. These two college friends have established a successful company that caters to travelers wanting only the basics at an affordable price. 

Their lifestyle vehicles don’t feature elaborate cabinetry or tankless water heaters. Rather, they come standard with a bed, a sitting area, and a kitchenette. What more do you need? 

Let’s take a closer look!

About Dave and Matt Vans

Dave and Matt are college buddies who share a passion for the van life. Dave grew up in Minnesota and headed east to attend college after high school graduation.

He worked in the hedge fund world for seven years before the travel bug grabbed him. In 2016, he bought a van, turned it into his full-time living space, and started roaming the country.

Matt grew up in New York and drove out west after graduating college to enjoy a more carefree lifestyle. He eventually took a teaching job in Vail, Colo. With his summers off, Matt chose to buy a RAM ProMaster cargo van, transform it into a living space, and travel coast-to-coast.

Because of Matt’s teacher salary and Dave’s commitment to designing vans with no frills, their camper vans come with everything a traveler needs but none of the extras.

They’re simple yet convenient and comfortable. Because they have lived and traveled in vans for years, Dave and Matt have an ideal perspective on van life and seek to make this lifestyle accessible to everyone.

A Dave and Matt Van parked outside
Source: Dave & Matt Vans

Where are Dave and Matt Vans Made?

Dave and Matt Vans are manufactured in Colorado, just off Interstate 70 in Gypsum. A second production facility was opened about 50 miles west in Rifle in 2022. Dave and Matt purchased a 39,000-square-foot facility located along Highway 6. 

According to Post Independent, ”In 2021 alone the manufacturer tripled its year-over-year revenue, doubled its rental van fleet and delivered 180 new vans.”

So expansion is needed to continue to increase production and sales at Dave and Matt Vans.

The Dave and Matt Vans Lineup

Because Dave, Matt, and their team are focused on producing only three main designs, the company isn’t spread too thin.

They manufacture top-quality lifestyle vehicles built on a Dodge Ram ProMaster chassis with the bare necessities. If customers want more amenities, those are available as add-ons.

All three of these designs feature a dual roof ventilation system, a three-layer flooring system, and a drop-in storage system. They also come with a gear hitch, GEARage, and zoned cabin lighting. The main difference is the size of each unit.

Three LV

Price: Starting at $85,995

Length: 17 feet 9 inches

Weight: Will vary based on add-ons

Sleeps: Two

The shortest of the three vans, the Three LV is built on a RAM ProMaster 136-inch wheelbase chassis and provides 6 feet, 2 inches of interior height.

The short queen loft bed comes standard with an all-electric kitchenette. If desired, customers can add a cassette toilet or upgrade the electrical system with Power Boost or Power Boost+.

Five LV

Price: Starting at $93,495

Length: 19 feet 8 inches

Weight: Will vary based on add-ons

Sleeps: Two

The Five LV is the most customizable design at Dave and Matt Vans. It’s built on a RAM ProMaster 159-inch wheelbase chassis and has the same interior height as the Three LV. This unit can come with a single storage bench or dinette seating underneath the loft bed. 

Depending on the seating space, a short queen or full mattress can fit above it. Like the Three LV, the Five LV features an all-electric kitchenette and the same available add-ons.

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Inside a Dave and Matt Van
Source: Dave & Matt Vans

Seven LV

Price: Starting at $98,995

Length: 20 feet 10 inches

Weight: Will vary based on add-ons

Sleeps: Two

The longest of the three designs, the Seven LV comes with upgraded suspension and braking. It’s on a RAM ProMaster 159-inch wheelbase EXT. The Seven LV comes standard with the dinette seating underneath a lofted full mattress. 

Like the other two models, it features an all-electric kitchenette and similar add-ons and upgrades.

Inside a Dave and Matt Van
Source: Dave & Matt Vans

Is Dave and Matt Vans a Good Company?

If you’re looking for a camper van built by people who have lived in camper vans, Dave and Matt are the creators you want to buy from. Dave has spent years and Matt has spent summers traveling and living in vans, so they understand the lifestyle. They also know what travelers need for comfortable camping experiences. 

You can trust that Dave and Matt Vans is a company focused on providing the best possible products they can so that others can enjoy the thrill of adventure.

Can You Customize Your Van With Dave and Matt Vans?

There are custom add-ons and upgrades you can make to your van. You can’t just start with a blank slate, however. For example, when you “Build Your Van” on the company website, you can choose the exterior color, add a composting toilet or cassette toilet, or add a stow table to the kitchenette.

You can also add additional batteries and solar panels with Power Boost and Power Boost+ or a rear ladder.

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Which Promaster Is the Best for a Conversion?

Dave and Matt have chosen to build their lifestyle vehicles on the RAM ProMaster chassis. These chassis offer reliability and durability for years of traveling.

They can also haul a large amount of weight and tow a small vehicle. Many people who do their own van conversions also choose a RAM ProMaster.

The RAM ProMaster is also more affordable than the Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit. For most van lifers, the RAM ProMaster Cargo Van 2500 High Roof is the perfect size. Additionally, the 2500 offers solid power.

A couple walking to their Dave and Matt Van
Source: Dave & Matt Vans

Get on the Road with Dave and Matt Vans

If you’re looking for an affordable lifestyle vehicle so you can hit the road, check out Dave and Matt Vans in Colorado. By cutting out the unnecessary amenities that many other camper vans have standard, this company prides itself on building only the features van lifers need. 

Then if you want a few of the extras, those are also available. Quality, reliability, and customer care make Dave and Matt Vans a great option for many travelers.

Which model would suit your camping style best?

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