What Is the Cost of a Happier Camper?

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If you only own a four-door sedan, maybe something like a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry, travel trailer camping can be a challenge. You might want to travel to state and local parks for the weekend, but you don’t have the vehicle to tow your camper. This is where the Happier Camper comes in. 

For those unwilling to buy a heavy-duty truck to pull a camper a few times per year, it might just be the perfect solution!

What Is a Happier Camper?

Some travelers love to camp but don’t have access to a truck to pull a heavy travel trailer. A Happier Camper means these travelers can enjoy camping even if they only own a car.

With a dry weight of only 1,110lbs and a tongue weight of only 110-150lbs, most sedans and SUVs have the towing capacity to pull a Happier Camper easily.

Happier Camper HC1 (2019) Tour

Featuring a large hatch door in the back, a Happier Camper can have a kitchenette and living space.

Or it can be a space to transport toys like bicycles or blow-up paddleboards.

Because of its flexible configuration, you can easily create the layout you want in just a few minutes. 

There are about 42 square feet of walkable space inside the 13-ft Happier Camper. You can even stand up in it! 

What Is the Cost of a Happier Camper?

The base price begins at around $29,950. This includes standard features like modular cubes, cushions, nesting tables, a patio base, and more. 

You can also add other components at an additional cost, like a queen mattress, memory foam topper, or a kitchenette package. There are many other features available for an upcharge as well. 

Does the Happier Camper Have a Bathroom? 

A bathroom does not come standard. You can add a dry flush toilet package for about $930.

A dry flush toilet uses no water when you flush. Instead, it uses liner bags that you change out and dispose of.

It’s a simple solution when primitive camping, and since it’s lightweight, it’s easily portable.

How Many Does a Happier Camper Sleep?

A Happier Camper sleeps up to five people depending on the configuration and features. Because of the Adaptiv System, you can configure the sleeping space however you need it to suit your family. 

The flexibility of the components allows you to put cubes with cushions around the sides of the camper during the day for adequate seating but then move the cubes together to create ample sleeping space at night. 

Or if you’re two travelers who want personal sleeping spaces, you can lay out two rows of cubes and cushions along each side with a small aisle in the center.

Can I Rent a Happier Camper? 

You can rent a Happier Camper from a private party on rental sites like Outdoorsy or RVShare. The company itself does not rent out Happier Campers. 

You can rent out Happier Campers from places like Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, and Boston.

Research rates in your area to get a more accurate estimate on cost.

Pro Tip: We have advice on how to rent an RV for a road trip and things to keep in mind when planning.

What Is the Adaptiv System?

The Adaptiv System is the unique design that allows the Happier Camper to have versatility. Similar to a LEGO creation, the Adaptiv System components fit together in the grooved floor design. 

They’re highly durable materials, and you can rearrange them in a matter of minutes. Stack the cubes inside or take them outside; rearrange the cubes to make a bed or support a countertop.

You can add cubes to make additional seating or sleeping space or use the standard four Adaptiv cubes if traveling alone. There is also a cooler cube to keep food chilled.

You have plenty of options for customization, here. 

About the HC1

Happier Camper’s model HC1 debuted in 2015. Outdoor adventurers love its versatility and durability. Made from 100% fiberglass materials, the HC1 withstands heat and cold better than travel trailers made from alternative materials. 

The durable Adaptiv components add to its versatility and quality construction. You can make it an office space, lounge, espresso bar, hauler, camper, or whatever else you need the space to be.

The overall length is about thirteen feet and the GVWR is 3,500 pounds. This gives you a cargo capacity of over 2,000 pounds and allows most vehicles to haul the HC1.

About the Happier Camper Traveler

The Happier Camper Traveler is a bigger, more expensive option starting at around $49,950. Offering full kitchenette and bathroom options, the Traveler is aptly named as it has the average traveler in mind.

Still featuring the Adaptiv System and durable fiberglass construction, the Traveler has all-season insulation, hot water, and water storage options.

A bit heavier than the HC1, the Traveler has a dry weight of 1,800 pounds but still has a GVWR of 3,500 pounds, giving travelers a bit less cargo-carrying capacity. It has five panoramic windows in its 17-ft length and 85 square feet of walkable space inside.

Keep in Mind: Happier Camper isn’t the only manufacturer of small RVs. Check out these 6 small travel trailers that might even fit in your garage!

Interior dinette of a small travel trailer with couch cushions, baskets, and a guitar.

Is This Camper Worth It? 

If you love to camp and explore the outdoors but don’t want to fork out the money to purchase a truck and expensive travel trailer, the Happier Camper could be your answer.

You don’t have nearly the amount of space you would get in a larger travel trailer, so you have to be willing to sacrifice space for convenience. There are lots of perks to the Happier Camper, though, including its small size which means you can take it almost anywhere.

The Adaptiv System creates versatility that you won’t get in other travel trailers, and it truly allows you to make the space your own. 

So what do you think? Is the Happier Camper a consideration for your travel needs?

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