Is Coachnet Really the “Best RV Roadside Assistance?”

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A person about to call Coachnet for their broken down RV

Many people choose to RV because of the connection with nature and other people they experience along the journey. Relationships are strengthened and you create with the ones you love the most. Exciting adventures replace mundane day-to-day routines. But when something unexpected happens, especially roadside emergencies, it can ruin the whole experience.

This is why Coachnet developed its roadside assistance program. Members can have a trusted ally to help them return to the road quickly to continue their journey. Let’s take a closer look at Coach-Net and why so many RVers trust it.

About Coachnet 

Coach-Net has been supporting and providing benefits to members since 1987. It pays careful attention to the unique needs of RVers and provides roadside assistance memberships for peace of mind. Members have access to a 24/7 hotline, which connects them to RV technicians who can assist with problems right over the phone.

Coach-Net also manages its own Roadside Assistance Service Provider Network, so members receive prompt assistance from knowledgeable customer service representatives.

Who Owns Coachnet?

Based in Irving, Texas, National Motor Club Holdings, Inc. owns Coach-Net. The National Motor Club has been operating since 1956 and has become one of the country’s largest independently owned motor clubs. It’s not only well-known but well-loved. In a survey of members, 96% said they would recommend NMC to others. Excellent customer service and a commitment to customer care are top priorities.

Friends trying to push their RV while Coachnet is on the way

How Does Coachnet Work?

There’s a Premier Plan and an Ultimate Plan for RVers to choose from. Like other roadside assistance companies, Coachnet has a hotline for members to call when needed. If you just need some help from an RV technician, Coach-Net’s RV technical team is ready to serve you. Every member has completed training through RVIA, RVDA, and/or ASE. They’re on staff and available to RV owners to assist them with troubleshooting.

If you need a tow, Coach-Net’s network of repair and service locations includes over 15,000 medium and heavy-duty towing and emergency roadside assistance providers. RVers can rest assured that they’ll be able to get back on the road as quickly as possible. It has an extensive network that can cover any size RV, from travel trailers to luxury motorhomes.

A woman thinking about calling Coachnet over her broken down car

What Is Included in a Coachnet Membership? 

Whereas other companies may have roadside assistance plans and many other benefits and savings, Coach-Net remains focused on providing RVers with quality care during travel. The main benefits of a Coach-Net membership are 24/7 roadside assistance, tire and wheel protection, extended service agreements, asset protection, and finish protection.

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24/7 Protect – RV Technical and Roadside Assistance

As already mentioned, there are two plans: the Premier and the Ultimate. The Premier Towable Plan is $179 yearly, and the Premier Coach Plan is $249 yearly. The all-inclusive coverage covers the member, spouse, dependent children, and all other personal vehicles (owned, rented, borrowed, or leased).

Additional benefits from Coachnet’s 24/7 Protect program includes unlimited towing, unlimited tire assistance, unlimited battery boosts, and unlimited lockouts. AirMed will also provide travel assistance services if you’re in the hospital 150 miles or more from home. Coachnet includes an emergency trip interruption benefit of up to $2,000 for automobile rental. It also includes food and lodging if your RV is involved in a collision more than 100 miles from your home. 

The Ultimate Plan has all of the benefits of the Premier Plan. It comes with the addition of valuable benefits like key and key remote replacement, windshield repair, and courtesy mobile mechanic services. You can find all other benefits online.

Hazard Protect – Tire and Wheel Protection

Tire blowouts are the number one dispatched roadside event. Nails, potholes, screws, glass, and other debris can ruin tires and derail a travel day. With Coach-Net’s Hazard Protect plan, members receive two RV tire replacements a year. That includes the cost of the tires and the cost of installing them. Auto coverage is also included with two tire replacements a year. Members also have access to unlimited tire changes when you need someone to come to you.

RV Protect – Service Agreement for New and Used RVs

Costly repairs can ruin travel plans and quickly alter your budget. Coach-Net’s RV Protect benefit is an extended service agreement program with low deductibles. You’ll get towable and coach units with deductibles from $0 to $200. Plans fit each traveler’s needs, so you know you’ll be getting a plan designed just for you.

Members can add the luxury option that includes coverage for electronics, central vacuum, and fireplaces. The service agreement is also transferable should you sell your RV, increasing the resale value.

Asset Protect – Guaranteed Asset Protection

Insurance often only covers the market value of your RV. Coach-Net’s Guaranteed Asset Protection closes the gap between what insurance will cover. It’s important to note that Asset Protect is only available through Coachnet participating dealers at the point of sale.

A man pulling up the Coachnet phone number for help with his broken down car

Finish Protect – Paint & Fabric Protection

Offering interior and exterior finish protection, this benefit keeps your RV looking as good as new. The interior protection includes leather and vinyl protection to prevent damage to interior upholstery. It also provides carpet and fabric protection which shields from spills and stains. The protection is in the basic, preferred, and ultimate plans.

The exterior protection includes windshield protection and repair, vinyl awning protection, body panel protection, end cap protection, and headlight lens protection. In addition, Coach-Net offers factory wheel protection that prevents staining or excessive brake dust. The body panel protection is in all three plans. The windshield protection is only in the ultimate plan.

What Does Coachnet Cost?

As mentioned earlier, towable RV plans are $179 per year and include fifth wheels, travel trailers, pop-up campers, and truck campers. Coach plans are $249 per year and include Class A, Class B, and Class C units. You can add spouses and dependent children at no additional charge.

Is Coachnet Really the “Best RV Roadside Assistance”?

Customers are very happy with the support and services they receive from Coach-Net. One member says, “My experience with Coach-Net has been above expectations. They verified tire size & brand (we had Tire and Wheel coverage also). They called to verify the provider showed at the arranged time…called back to verify that we received service and was satisfied with everything.” Another member explains how Coach-Net went above and beyond: “One call to Coachnet for service when the internals failed on class A entry door. Only 2 locksmiths in the county I live in and both refused the call. CN found a locksmith 2 counties away and resolved my issue. They also followed up to make sure the issue was taken care of. CoachNet all the way.”

No company is perfect, and roadside assistance for RVs is tricky because of the size and weight of the vehicles. But Coach-Net sincerely strives to bring peace of mind to its members and help get them back on their journey as quickly as possible. The company lives out its mission “to create a carefree RVing experience so members can focus on making memories with their friends and family.”

Pro Tip: If Coachnet doesn’t seem like the right option for you, take a look at these other highly rated Roadside Assistance options.

A man on the phone with Coachnet with his car on the side of the road

Is Coachnet Worth It?

Although the yearly fee may be higher than other roadside assistance plans, Coach-Net is a trusted company by many RVers. Whether you’re towing a 25-foot travel trailer or driving a 40-foot Class A, you’ll receive the same customer care and quality service. You can add additional optional protections to give you even more peace of mind.

RVing is exciting. You’re always making memories. But when unfortunate things happen, you want a trusted company by your side. Have you looked into Coachnet?

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