Take Your Family to Cedar Beach Park in PA

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Girl playing at Cedar Beach Park

If you’re looking for a gorgeous, remote break from the highway, you may want to steer toward Cedar Beach Park. This inviting city park in Pennsylvania offers many memorable views of a pretty mountain valley.

The locals love this place, and so do people who stop for a visit and swear they’ll return.

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Where Is Cedar Beach Park?

Cedar Beach Park, which people also know as Cedar Creek Park, is in metro Allentown. It is in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. The park is off Parkway Boulevard in South Whitehall Township, a suburb of Allentown.

The park is a short drive from Interstate 78 and U.S Highway 22 or the Lehigh Valley Thruway. Residents of the area consider it one of the community’s greatest hidden charms. For travelers like us, it’s a fantastic excuse to get off the road and enjoy the area’s natural beauty.

About Allentown, Pennsylvania

If the name of this place rings a bell, maybe you have the old Billy Joel song in your head. When he sang about the city in 1982, he put a personal perspective on a somewhat bleak era for the U.S. economy. At the time, many of Allentown’s manufacturing jobs were disappearing, like they were in many other Rust Belt communities.

But Joel’s hit song also had a message of hope that things would turn around, and they certainly have for Allentown. Today, this city of approximately 127,000 people is the state’s third largest behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and is growing fast.

Originally Northampton, Allentown began in 1762, and the government incorporated it in 1867. The canal and railroad construction led to enormous industrial growth, including steel mills. Today the city enjoys a more diversified economy, serving as a corporate headquarters for several prominent companies.

Allentown’s prime location in the Lehigh Valley is desirable because it’s on the Lehigh River by the mountains. It’s also close to several cities. It is 48 miles from Philly and only 80 from New York City.

How Many Parks Are Operated By the City of Allentown?

Cedar Beach Park is part of a sprawling complex of Cedar Creek Parkway, covering nearly 200 acres, including Lake Muhlenberg.

It’s one of 20 parks in the city, and it’s a favorite for many reasons. Keep reading to find out all this park offers.

Boy climbing on playground at Cedar Beach Park

Is There a Beach At Cedar Beach Park?

If the park’s name conjures images of shimmering white sands and raging surf, you may be disappointed. The lakefront areas are grassy and ideal for relaxing, enjoying the scenery, and visiting the ducks, geese, and swans. You can also cast a line for trout and other fish.

There is some sand, but it’s at two of the four volleyball courts. For swimming, the pool is open in the summer.

Can I Hike At Cedar Beach Park?

Hiking is one of the most popular activities at Cedar Beach Park, and you don’t have to be an expert. There are 2.3 miles of multi-use trails.

Popular trails include the 1.2-mile Rose Garden Loop and the longer Gorge Trail Loop running along Cedar Creek.

You’re likely to share these paved paths, or parts of them, with joggers and cyclists. All are easy hikes with slight elevation changes.

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What Family-Friendly Activities Are At the Park?

One reason that kids love the park so much is the fantastic playground covering almost 2,000 square feet. The Destination Playground has dozens of features and a soft ground surface of recycled rubber.

There are pavilions with barbecue grills throughout the park, some near beautiful rose gardens. The grassy areas by the lake are super nice for picnics, too–just don’t let the ducks or geese steal your lunch!

In addition, the park has tennis courts and multiple fields for soccer, baseball, and softball. There is also a wetlands area popular with birdwatchers.

Kids playing together at Cedar Beach Park

Is Cedar Beach Park Dog-Friendly?

You can bring your dogs to Cedar Beach Park. In fact, there is a fenced-in area near the soccer fields where they can run freely without a leash. It’s at Cedar Creek Parkway West.

Be courteous to other park users by following the rules, including adequately disposing of waste.

What Is the WWII Monument?

The park has a monument dedicated to Marines who served in World War II. It’s off the Cedar Beach Trail on the lake’s southern side.

These tall, slender stone structures resemble miniature Stonehenge. Each separate piece, or “henge,” represents a division of the Marines.

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When Is the Best Time to Visit Cedar Beach Park?

Sometimes the park has high crowds, and other times you’ll think it must be the best-kept secret in Allentown.

You will undoubtedly see more people enjoying the park when the weather is sunny and warm. After all, that’s when the swimming pool is open as a fun way to beat the heat.

Personally, we love places like this when we almost have the place to ourselves. That’s more likely to happen outside of the busy summer season. We’d recommend late spring or early fall as the best times to visit Cedar Beach Park. Ideally, the weather will be warm enough to enjoy being outside without the crowds.

Group of children playing at Cedar Beach Park

Make Family Memories At Cedar Beach Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania

You’ll find that the word “amazing” pops up often in online reviews of Cedar Beach Park. It’s “truly a gem,” says a repeat visitor, Christopher C., on Yelp. “Between the pool, the playground, the sports courts, the variety of trees, and the rose garden across the street, it’s truly a beautiful place.”

Krista L., visiting from Colorado, said: “We stopped here while we were in the area and I wish we lived closer so we could go back often.”

When traveling in this scenic part of Pennsylvania, it would be easy to make memories like these. Cedar Beach Park is minutes off the busy highways and almost hidden inside a lively suburban area. Once you’re there, you can forget about the outside world for a while.

When will you visit Cedar Beach Park? Tell us in the comments!

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