Is There Carfax For RVs?

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Buying a used vehicle can be a terrifying and nerve-wracking experience. However, many consumers use resources like Carfax to provide themselves with some assurance.

With record-breaking numbers of RVs sold over the last few years, it makes sense to see an increase in used models for sale. But is there a Carfax for RVs?

Today, we’ll introduce you to a resource to help you be an informed shopper.

Let’s get going!

What Is Carfax?

Carfax is an extensive database that provides a detailed history of an automobile. The service pulls data from government agencies, insurance companies, and auto repair facilities.

They combine the information into a report, allowing for a more transparent consumer process when buying a used vehicle.

The service started in 1984 and has grown tremendously over the last 40 years. They’ve changed how the used car market operates, especially at the dealership level.

Many dealers will provide consumers with the Carfax of any vehicles on their lot. The hope is that by giving customers the report, the salesperson stands a better chance of closing a deal.

A Carfax sticker on a used car with a sale price of 24,490.

Why Do People Use Carfax?

People use Carfax for a variety of reasons. However, Carfax’s primary purpose is to get a detailed and comprehensive look at a vehicle before purchasing.

The consumer can decide if the car is a good buy by examining the maintenance records and vehicle history. The report can make it easier for them to spot red flags that could be a significant problem.

Carfax reports typically include accident history, title information, odometer readings, service records, and recall information.

However, the market value assessment is one of the most critical pieces of information. It helps create a more transparent experience and helps the buyer to avoid overpaying. A more transparent process can help them to have confidence in their purchase.

Is There Carfax for RVs?

While not exactly like Carfax, RVchex functions similarly. It can provide a vehicle history report specifically for RVs and motorhomes. RVchex uses large databases to gather information and create comprehensive reports.

If you’re considering buying a used RV, paying for this report can be highly beneficial in certain situations.

Benefits of Using RVchex

Buying an RV is typically a significant investment. Fortunately, RVchex can provide assurance before you close a deal. Let’s look at some of the benefits of this resource.

Original Factory Features

One of the most significant benefits of using RVchex is that it provides access to a comprehensive list of the original factory features. You’ll know what you can expect unless the current or previous owners have made any modifications.

How many owners don’t know or forget to mention certain features might surprise you. This way, you know exactly what you’re getting.

Screenshot of Tiffin Motorhome's factory features listed on their website.
Just some of Tiffin’s factory features for their RVs.

Title and Odometer Information

Another reason to consider getting an RVchex report on a used RV is to access the title and odometer information. This helps you know a bit about the history and how many previous owners the rig has had.

Additionally, having an accurate odometer reading is vital if it’s a motorhome. It can help you know what maintenance you can expect to do in the future.

Unfortunately, odometer information is typically only available for motorized units. This is because towable campers don’t have odometers. You’ll need to do a bit more research and investigate to get an idea of how many miles are on a camper.

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Theft Information

By getting the RVchex on a camper, you can have confidence that the camper isn’t stolen. If it is, the system will flag it and alert you. This can help you avoid finding yourself the victim of a scam and that you’re not purchasing stolen property.

We’ve heard incredible horror stories of individuals buying stolen property off Facebook Marketplace and other online platforms.

Luckily, if you get an RVchex, you won’t be one of them when buying an RV. You can have confidence that the person you’re dealing with is legit and has the authority to sell you the camper.

A person dressed in all black trying to break into the door of a van.

100% Guarantee

One of our favorite features of RVchex is their 100% guarantee. Under their “no-hassle” guarantee, they’ll give you a 100% refund. While there are stipulations that you must meet, they’re relatively simple and there to prevent system abuse.

The goal of the 100% guarantee is to ensure that customers are happy with the service. Typically, customers request a refund because no report is available for a specific RV.

Luckily, RVchex doesn’t force you to pay for a report if they cannot generate one. They’ll either refund your money or offer you a credit on a future report search.

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Peace of Mind

RVchex is just one resource that can provide you with assurance. You may not know every detail, but you’ll have another piece of the puzzle.

The RVchex report can be a helpful resource that can give you confidence in your decision to continue with or walk away from a deal. It can be worth continuing to investigate if you don’t notice any red flags or serious issues.

Senior citizens sitting on a park bench looking at the carfax for an RV on their tablet.

Is Using a Carfax for RVs Service Worth It?

In conclusion, there isn’t a Carfax for RVs, but RVchex and other similar resources can be helpful. However, they can’t replace the need to hire a professional inspector. These individuals may cost a few hundred bucks, but they’ll provide an even more in-depth look at the camper.

These trained professionals can pinpoint things that the RVchex report won’t include.

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