You Can Now Camp With Your Tesla

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The rumored release date for the Tesla Cybertruck has lots of campers excited.

Could this be the first electric vehicle with a large enough range to enjoy camping farther than the local park? But we still don’t know when this vehicle will hit the road.

A new company has taken advantage of the popularity of electric vehicles and outdoor lifestyle to create a special tent designed only for Tesla vehicles. You can now camp with your Tesla! Let’s check out all the details!

What Is a Tesla?

Tesla is an automotive and clean energy company headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company designs and manufactures electric vehicles, battery energy storage, solar panels, and related products. As of 2023, Tesla is the world’s most valuable automaker.

In 2008, Tesla produced its first road car, the Roadster. It followed that by debuting the Model S in 2012. In less than 10 years, Teslas introduced the Model X, Model 3, Model Y, and the Cybertruck. The Roadster is the only model no longer in production.

Tesla vehicles are all-electric, and the company has its own proprietary Supercharger network where owners can recharge all across the country. New models have eight cameras and 12 sensors, providing a 360-view of the vehicle’s surroundings. 

You can even find apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu on its infotainment system. Although not intended to use while driving, they’re great for passing the time when charging.

Additionally, the company sells directly to consumers instead of through dealerships. If you want to purchase a Tesla, you contact the company itself. You don’t need to deal with a sales clerk at a dealership.

What Are the Pros of Owning a Tesla?

The biggest advantage of owning a Tesla is the environmental impact. These vehicles don’t emit harmful gases or pollutants.

Because they don’t run on fuel, you eliminate trips to the gas station. They also have less maintenance because you don’t need to have oil changes or replace fuel filters.

In addition, Tesla vehicles have an Autopilot feature that helps drivers stay safe on the road. This isn’t meant to replace the driver but to keep everyone safer with features like advanced sensors that can detect obstacles or pedestrians and avoid them when necessary.

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What Are the Cons of Owning a Tesla?

Tesla vehicles aren’t affordable for everyone. Their steep price is out of the budget for many Americans. Even with tax credits and savings at the pump, the base price of $40,000 is a hard price to pay.

Additionally, charging isn’t always convenient. Even when you watch a Netflix show or grab dinner, it’s not always easy to find a charging station or spend an hour waiting for a full charge. 

Although new charging stations constantly pop up, those who live in more remote areas of the country will have more difficulty.

Finally, road-tripping isn’t quite as easy. This is due, in part, because of the lack of ample charging stations but also because of the shorter driving range. Earlier models had a 200-mile range.

Some newer models can get close to 300 miles. But if you’re trying to cross the country in a few days, it could pose a challenge.

Can a Tesla Tow a Trailer?

A Tesla can tow a trailer. However, it’s important to note that this will decrease the driving range. Just like towing with a gas or diesel-powered truck will reduce its fuel efficiency, towing with a Tesla will decrease the range. You’ll want to find charging stations along your route.

Model Y has a tow package you can add on for $1,300. It comes with a high-strength steel tow bar and a 2-inch hitch receiver capable of towing up to 3,500 pounds.

This towing capacity limits your options for trailers, but you can find a camper like a Travel Lite Rove Lite or a Taxa Outdoors TigerMoth that weigh 2,500 pounds.

Pro Tip: There are multiple ways you can charge your RV batteries! Take a look at how to keep your battery charged.

Can You Camp With a Tesla?

But instead of spending more money on a lightweight travel trailer, you can now camp with a Tesla. You don’t have to worry about the reduced range, hitching, or unhitching.

Tentsla turns your Model Y into a mobile campsite. A velcro wraparound creates an airtight seal between the tent and the vehicle. If you have an air pump, you can inflate and install the Tentsla in around five minutes.

The tent extends from the rear of the vehicle to create an outdoor patio space and sleeping area. It establishes 7.2 by 7.1 feet of floor space, enough for four people to fit comfortably. And it has screened-in windows and awnings to create an ideal camp setting.

But it’s not just the tent that makes this ideal. Tesla’s “camp mode” maintains an ambient temperature inside the car overnight.

Therefore, when the Tentsla connects to the trunk of the Model Y via an air tube, that tube sends climate-controlled air to the tent, so there’s no deflation. The vehicle’s air conditioning also keeps the tent cool at night.

Who Is Tentsla?

Tentsla is a Kickstarter project seeking to design outdoor camping equipment for Tesla owners. The team saw the growing popularity of electric vehicles and wanted to create a product. 

By April 2022, they had produced their first prototype. It underwent weather testing in the fall. Mass production began in February 2023. Now Tentsla hopes to gain support and promote the Tentsla X1 through their Kickstarter project.

How Much Is the Tentsla X1?

Currently, there are promotions to help get Tentsla funded and the tents shipped. The prices range from $599 to$ 1,198 based on the add-ons in the chosen package.

The Super Early Bird Manual package is $599 and includes one manual pump, two Tentsla t-shirts, a keychain, and a pair of work gloves.

The Super Early Bird Automatic Duo is the most expensive at $1,198. It includes two e-pumps, four Tentsla t-shirts, two keychains, and two pairs of work gloves. All prices are 36% to 54% off the retail price.

Backers numbers 1 through 200 had their tents shipped March-April. People number 201 through 500 should receive their tents in May or June. Backers number 501+ will have tents shipped between July and August.

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Who Is the Tentsla Good For?

If you’re a Tesla owner who loves camping, tailgating, fishing, or other outdoor activities, the Tentsla X1 may be right for you. If you don’t own a Tesla, obviously, the Tentsla won’t work for you.

But this product is designed for Tesla owners to have a convenient way to enjoy the outdoors. It’s an easy setup for a day at the lake or a weekend camping trip.

Would you consider purchasing the Tentsla X1?

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