How To Pick The Perfect Name For Your Camper

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A blank rv drives into the open road but needs a name to make it more personal.

Camper names are a great way to give your RV some character and officially make it a part of the family. But you can’t name your RV just any old name! You need to be creative to develop a name that fits both your’s and your camper’s personalities.

Today, we’re sharing how you can pick the perfect name for your rig. Let’s get started!

Do People Name Their RV or Camper?

Like many other vehicles, RVers often assign a name to their camper. Naming your RV or camper can provide it with character and a bit of personality. So don’t let it surprise you if you post a picture of your new rig and someone asks what you’ve named it. It’s relatively common in the RV community to give your camper a name.

If you’re curious if we named our RV, we absolutely did! Our fifth wheel is named Nessie, after the Loch Ness Monster. And our RAM 3500 is named Yeti, after the abominable snowman. We went with a monster theme because we love folklore, and they are both just so dang big.

An RV parked in wildflowers that can help inspire a name for the camper.

Tips For Creating Your Camper Name 

You can’t assign your camper just any old name. However, like naming a child or pet, selecting a name can be challenging. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect camper name for your RV.

Use Wildlife Or Geographical Terms

By using wildlife or geographical terms, you’re following the theme of the outdoors and adventuring. You’re likely hoping to spend a generous amount of time in nature or traveling in your RV. Capitalizing on these themes can be a continual reminder of the purpose behind your adventures and why you’re RVing.

Pro Tip: Need inspiration for an RV name and a future road trip? Check out these National Parks everyone needs to visit at least once!

Combine Word Types 

You probably didn’t think you’d get a grammar lesson as a part of naming your camper. However, a quick review might be necessary to develop the perfect name for your RV. Adjectives are words that describe nouns. Nouns are a person, place, or thing.

Combining word types can make for a great camper name. Using an adjective and a noun can easily create a high-quality name that you’re proud to call your RV. 

Use Puns Or Alliterations

If you want to show off your personality with your camper’s name, a pun or alliteration is a great way to do it. Puns are often a joke or play-on-words that use words with more than one sound or meaning. A famous pun in the RVing community is to say, “RV there yet?”

Another popular choice for a camper name is to use repetitive words with the same letter, also known as alliteration. Many will create an alliteration using their family’s last name or a meaningful word for their adventures. The repetitive use of the same letter can create a smooth and easy-flowing name.

An RV with it's name on the hood saying "RV there yet?"

Pick Something You Love 

A camper’s name should show off the personalities of its owners too. So don’t be afraid to pick an activity or hobby you enjoy. If you’re passionate about a specific type of animal or you recently retired from a career you loved, including them in the name can help create the perfect name for your camper. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Change Your Camper Name 

You may give your camper a temporary name, especially when you first get it. Whether you didn’t thoroughly think through the naming process, or you get to know your rig and discover a more fitting name, it’s okay to change it.

There’s nothing wrong with changing the name of your camper. It’s your home on wheels, and you get to assign it whatever name you want.

Types Of Camper Names  

If you ask your fellow RVers about their camper names, there’s a handful of different types you’re likely to hear. Here are some of the most common types of camper names we’ve heard while traveling. 

Abbreviated Camper Names

Some RVers choose to use an abbreviation for their RV’s name. They’ll use a clever or meaningful phrase that describes their RV or adventures and shorten it to a few letters. This is especially helpful for those RVers who name their campers something that might not be family-friendly. 

Whether it’s appropriate for all audiences or not, this is also an easy way to shorten a longer name. This may make it easier to fit on t-shirts or even a social media account screen name. Abbreviated camper names can allow you to keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

A camper is parked and set up with a bumper sticker showing its abbreviated name.

Humorous Camper Names

We’ve met some incredibly humorous people while RVing. They’re genuinely funny people who make it easy to sit around the fire and laugh. Some of them use their sense of humor to create the most off-the-wall and hilarious RV names.

RVing should be relaxing and fun, and giving your RV a name that’s not so serious can be a reminder of this. Having a humorous name can spark discussion and get the laughs going when introducing your rig to your fellow campers in a campground.

Sentimental Camper Names

On the opposite side of the spectrum from humor are the sentimental ones. These names often pay tribute to an emotional experience or moment in the lives of the RV’s owners. It’s a way of remembering friends, family, or an event that had a significant impact. These types of names can help ensure you never forget whatever it might be that is meaningful and important to you and your family.

An RV with a wheel cover that shows it's name "RVers 4 life".

Inappropriate Camper Names

Not all camper names are family-friendly names. We’ve come across a few during our adventures that might cause you to blush or cover your kid’s ears. There’s a time and place for inappropriate humor, and for some people, it’s when naming their camper. 

Depending on how inappropriate the name is, it may be best to avoid putting the name on your RV, especially if you’re hoping to stay in family-friendly parks. The campground’s management might not find it funny or appreciate your humor.

Professional Camper Names

Sometimes it’s best to keep it professional when naming your camper. If you’re looking to launch a YouTube channel or other social media page to share your adventures, a well-branded, professional camper name can be helpful. 

You don’t want to have any issues growing your channel with forming paid partnerships with businesses because of something as silly as your name. Having a professional camper name can give a polished look to you and the brand you’re creating.

Have Fun When Creating Your Camper Name

Creating your camper name should be fun. Don’t let it become something that causes you stress. If you hit the road in your RV and it doesn’t have a name, that’s okay too. The perfect name will eventually come to you the more time you spend using your RV. It may even be easier to name your RV once you’ve had a chance to get to know it and make some memories in it.

Have you ever named an RV or other vehicle?

  1. My daughter named our Honda CR-V Bernie when she had it in college and it’s just stuck. It’s Bernie to this day 7 years later. Lol. Buying a new trailer today so we’re gonna have to come up with a good one. If I gave a name to my Kia it would be something ominous since it’s been just bad luck since day one. Smh…

  2. We have a Ram1500 that pulls a Trail Lite trailer. We love to explore new areas and experience new adventures. We decided to name our truck (Lewis) and the trailer (Clark). In addition, the trailer has a specialty plate “Explor”.

  3. Jake is GMC 2500, who tows Jessica!
    Forest River 27re Wildwood
    (Altman Brothers song!)
    Jake seems like a tough dude!

  4. Our names are Ruby and Silver. Ruby is our female Ram 3500 truck, named for her color, and Silver is our 5th wheel, male, since he has a king pin to hitch into Ruby!

  5. Our 34G Vision XL Entegra is “Willie” part favorite thing, part sentiment, part pun. When our youngest (of 5) was an infant he was diagnosed with a physical challenge, luckily there was an orthopedic hospital for children 45 miles (one way) from our home. Each day we would set out for physical therapy with a tiny infant and while we drove we listened to Willie Nelson (family favorite artist) croon about how we were “on the road…again.” Fast forward 17 years, you can’t even tell he ever faced this particular challenge, he is about to head off to college and about to be empty nesters my husband and I love packing up Willie so we can…get “On the Road Again!”

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