Are Blue Ox Tow Bars Worth It?

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Blue Ox tow bars are among the most popular choices for those who want to tow a vehicle behind their motorhome. However, just because something is popular doesn’t mean it’s always the best option.

Trust us, we’ve made the mistake of buying into the hype on certain products. Unfortunately, it didn’t take us long to discover some products didn’t cut it.

We want to help you avoid wasting your money and ensure you have the right equipment to travel safely. So, are Blue Ox tow bars worth it?

Let’s dig into the details and see!

What Are Tow Bars?

Tow bars are equipment used when towing a vehicle behind another. They’re typical for recreational towing of a car or a small trailer behind a larger vehicle, typically a motorhome. Tow bars are essential for individuals flat towing their second vehicle.

Tow bars consist of a sturdy metal bar or frame with a coupler at one end connecting them to the vehicle. The other end of the tow bar connects to brackets installed on the front of a towed vehicle. These brackets attach to the frame or chassis to distribute towing forces evenly.

Tow bars allow for easy attachment and detachment of the towed vehicle. They come in various styles and weight capacities to accommodate different towing needs. 

When used correctly, tow bars provide a safe and efficient method for flat towing a vehicle behind another. They also allow for more flexibility when traveling and camping.

Why Do You Need Tow Bars?

Tow bars are necessary when you are flat towing. They allow you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect your load. This makes setup quicker and more convenient. In addition, keeping all four wheels of the towed vehicle on the ground increases stability and safety.

Additionally, tow bars provide improved maneuvering. They can allow tighter turns and better control when navigating tight spaces or campsites.

About Blue Ox

Blue Ox is a popular manufacturer of towing products and accessories. Over the years, this company has built a reputation for providing quality and reliable equipment.

Their capable and easy-to-use tow bars make them a top choice for flat towing vehicles behind motorhomes or trucks. Blue Ox has been a trusted name in the towing industry for decades.

One of Blue Ox’s notable contributions to the towing industry is their development of the Blue Ox tow bar system, which incorporates a unique and secure attachment method. This system ensures a strong and stable connection between the two vehicles, reducing the risk of accidents or damage during towing.

Blue Ox’s reputation for quality and reliability makes it a great choice for those seeking dependable towing equipment to enhance their outdoor adventures.

Should You Grease Blue Ox Tow Bars?

You should regularly grease your Blue Ox tow bars as part of their maintenance. Proper lubrication helps reduce friction and wear on the moving parts of the tow bar, ensuring its smooth and efficient operation. 

Greasing the tow bar components also helps prevent corrosion and rust. These can deteriorate the equipment, especially if you tow in different weather conditions or encounter road salt.

Blue Ox provides specific instructions in their user manuals on how and where to apply grease or lubricant. Follow their advice to extend the life and functionality of your tow bars.

Benefits of Choosing Blue Ox Tow Bars

So why should you choose Blue Ox tow bars for your adventures? Let’s look at some of the things consumers love about them.

Quality and Durability

One of the primary benefits of choosing Blue Ox tow bars is the quality and durability. Blue Ox has built a strong reputation for manufacturing reliable towing equipment. 

Their tow bars use precision engineering and quality materials. This ensures they can handle the rigors of towing heavy loads and enduring various road conditions. 

This level of craftsmanship provides peace of mind to RV enthusiasts. The durability of Blue Ox tow bars is particularly beneficial for those who embark on frequent road trips or towing adventures. 

The robust construction of Blue Ox tow bars ensures they can handle the wear and tear of the road. Blue Ox is a top choice for travelers seeking dependable, trustworthy towing solutions.

Variety of Models

Another significant benefit of choosing Blue Ox tow bars is their wide variety of models. Blue Ox knows different towing scenarios and vehicle combinations require specific towing solutions. As a result, they provide a range of tow bar models with varying weight capacities, attachment styles, and features. 

This versatility allows RV enthusiasts and truck owners to select the perfect tow bar that suits their towing needs, making towing safer and more efficient.

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Ease of Use

One of the standout benefits of choosing Blue Ox tow bars is their exceptional ease of use. Blue Ox has designed their tow bars to be user-friendly. Set up, attaching, and detaching are simple. Their attachment systems ensure a secure and trustworthy connection between the towing and towed vehicles.

This reduces the hassle and time involved in hitching up. This ease of use means less time setting up and more time enjoying adventures.

Furthermore, the ease of use extends to the towing experience itself. Blue Ox tow bars provide a smooth and stable ride, minimizing sway and vibrations. This enhances safety and reduces driver fatigue, making long journeys more comfortable.

Safety Features

Another compelling reason to choose Blue Ox tow bars is their commitment to safety. Blue Ox builds safety features into their designs. 

One unique safety feature is their exclusive Blue Ox tow bar system. It utilizes a unique attachment method, reducing the risk of accidents or equipment failures during towing. This system enhances stability and control, which are critical when towing larger or heavier loads.

Blue Ox also offers tow bars with safety cables, which are essential for added security. These cables provide an additional layer of protection by acting as a backup connection between the towing and towed vehicles. The safety cables help prevent the towed vehicle from an unexpected disconnect.


The compatibility of these two bars is a significant advantage for those seeking towing solutions for various vehicles and setups. Blue Ox offers many tow bar models for different towing scenarios and vehicle types. 

Whether you have a compact car, a larger SUV, or a heavy trailer to tow, Blue Ox provides tow bars with varying weight capacities and attachment styles to suit your specific needs.

This versatility means customers can find the perfect tow bar for their vehicle combination, ensuring a secure and reliable towing experience.

Furthermore, Blue Ox’s commitment to compatibility extends to its baseplate designs. They offer a comprehensive selection of custom baseplates for specific vehicle makes and models. This tailored approach ensures that the tow bar and baseplate work seamlessly together, providing a secure and safe connection.

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Another notable benefit of choosing Blue Ox tow bars is the peace of mind that comes with their generous warranty coverage. Blue Ox stands behind the quality and durability of their towing products, and they typically offer amazing warranties.

This warranty coverage varies depending on the specific model but often spans several years. Knowing that a warranty backs your towing equipment can provide reassurance, especially for travelers planning extensive road trips or longer RV adventures.

Customer Support

In addition to the warranty itself, Blue Ox’s excellent customer service and support add to the overall benefits of their products. Their responsive customer service team is readily available to assist and provide guidance. This helps ensure you have a positive and stressless towing experience.

Combining a comprehensive warranty and exceptional customer support makes Blue Ox tow bars a reliable choice for those seeking dependable towing solutions.

Are Blue Ox Tow Bars Worth It?

Blue Ox tow bars are often considered worth the investment. Prioritizing safety, ease of use, and reliability is essential. With these products, you can do all three. Their reputation speaks for itself; they are a worthwhile choice for those who value peace of mind and want a lasting towing solution.

Have you ever used these tow bars? Do you think they are worth it?

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  1. AND … REMEMBER to never back-up with the motorhome once the tow is hooked up ! Maybe 1 or 2 feet at best but Try to avoid this !

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