Is This the Best Off-Road Camper?

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If you’re tired of crowded campgrounds, loud neighbors, and expensive reservation fees, you might want to consider a Black Series camper. These off-road campers make it easy to take you into remote and rugged locations and still have a home-like experience. Regarding off-road camping, it’s hard to beat a Black Series camper. 

While they may be a great off-road camper, are they the best? Today, we’re putting these unique and tough campers to the test. Let’s get started!

About Black Series Campers

Black Series campers are relatively new to the party as far as camper manufacturers. This Australian brand of campers has 14 years of RV industry experience. It has RVs on five continents and sold over 100,00 units in the United States, Australia, and Europe. This widespread use has allowed Black Series campers to put their units to the test in some of the roughest and toughest terrains imaginable.

Black Series campers founder, Jack Qiu, is a fan of the outdoors and wanted to create a home-like camping experience in the great outdoors. Over the years, the company has used extensive research and development information to dial in its units for optimal performance. Every iteration of their campers improves on the previous year, and consumers can buy these units with confidence.

Who Owns Black Series?

Qiu was the brains behind launching what we now know as Black Series. After having his tent completely destroyed during a storm, he set out to make a high-quality RV that was tough enough for whatever Mother Nature threw at it.

Despite repeated failures and rejections from RV manufacturers, Qiu pursued his dream of designing a capable camper. Eventually, a local RV company saw Qiu’s design and fell in love with it. Je partnered with the Australian company GIC Group to create Black Series.

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Where Are Black Series Campers Made?

Black Series has factories in Australia, China, and the U.S. However, many of the parts come from China while installing appliances, suspension systems, and all of the finished work happens in the U.S. and Australia.

While many consumers like to look for American-made products, that’s not an easy task in RVing. Many parts and components used in constructing RVs originate outside U.S. borders.

The Black Series Camper Line-Up 

If you enjoy pushing the limits when taking your camper off-roading, very few campers can compete with Black Series campers. This newer name in the RV community makes travel trailers and toy haulers. All campers in their lineup are under 30 feet, which is often the magic number in most national parks and older campgrounds.

Black Series Camper Travel Trailers

Black Series campers currently offer six different travel trailers. They range from 19 feet 6 inches to 26 feet 2 inches. Their travel trailers can sleep anywhere from two to five happy campers. Despite their compact design, these units have just about anything you could need for some epic off-roading adventures.

You’ll find multiple solar panels, outdoor kitchens, and spacious floor plans throughout the various models. If you want a generous amount of space and layout that just makes sense, the Black Series HQ17 is one of our favorites. It’s got plenty of space for five to sleep, weighs just over 6,000 pounds, and is only 24 feet 3 inches long. With nearly a foot of ground clearance, you’ll have trouble finding an environment this rig can’t handle.

Black Series Camper Toy Haulers

If you’re planning an off-road adventure, why not bring some toys? Luckily, Black Series offers a couple of solid options for toy haulers. You’ll find an outdoor kitchen, queen-size bed, bunks, and a bathroom with a shower. There’s also plenty of space to store an ATV, motorcycle, or other toys in the massive garage. You can even sleep up to six campers in both toy hauler models.

Multiple roof-mounted solar panels will keep your battery bank charged and allow you to keep your phone and other devices charged. You don’t have to listen to a generator’s droning sound humming in the background while trying to relax and enjoy nature. These toy haulers may be the newest RV models from Black Series, but they meet the same strict standards as the other models.

What Makes Black Series Campers Unique?

Black Series Campers aren’t your typical RV. They’re built from higher quality materials and with toughness in mind. While other manufacturers will happily cut corners to save a few bucks, you can feel the sturdiness across every inch of these beautiful and well-designed campers. While other campers are built to sit in an RV park or other campground with paved and smooth roads, Black Series campers are meant for much more.

These rugged campers can handle the bumps in the road typically associated with off-roading. Black Series campers have gone through testing in some of the most rugged and toughest terrains. No matter what you throw at it, you’ll likely find it can easily handle it.

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The inside kitchen and living area of a black series camper
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How Is the Black Series Camper’s Off-Road Performance?

While we think there are many things to love about Black Series campers, the off-road performance is definitely towards the top of the list. Just about everything on these campers has off-roading in mind. You’ll quickly notice this the second you go to hitch up a Black Series camper. Instead of a typical hitching system, it uses a Hitchmaster articulating coupling. This allows the camper to make tighter turns that aren’t possible with standard systems.

You’ll also notice the upgrades to the chassis and suspension. For extra strength, the chassis is a single piece of galvanized steel. The wheels use a quad-shock independent articulating suspension and 16-inch mud-terrain tires. These components work together to form one of the smoothest and most stable towing experiences of any off-roading camper.

How Much Does a Black Series Camper Cost?

It should come as no surprise that if you want a premium off-roading camper, you will have to pay a premium price. Sadly, Black Series campers aren’t the cheapest camper on the market. Prices for the various models range from $71,999 to $100,999. We told you, they’re not cheap, but owners think they’re worth every penny!

Where Can I Get a Black Series Camper?

If you’re considering a Black Series camper for your future adventures, you’re making a great choice! You can visit their website to find the nearest Black Series RV dealers. They have a generous amount of dealers located all across the country.

However, if you don’t live near an authorized Black Series camper RV dealer, there are other options. You can check out websites like RV Trader or Facebook Marketplace to find private sales. You may just hit the jackpot and find someone selling a gently-used Black Series Camper.

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A black series camper being towed on a truck
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Black Series Campers: Built For Adventure 

Very few campers on the market can handle off-road adventures like Black Series campers. These reliable and tough campers are in a league of their own compared to most other RVs. If you enjoy off-road camping and don’t mind the premium price, we think you should consider a Black Series camper. They’ll help you go further and even extend the time you can spend adventuring.

Do you think Black Series campers are worth owning?

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