The Best Tent Stakes in 2021 to Keep You Grounded

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When an unexpected wind gusts in, you want a quality set of tent stakes to keep your shelter in place. While a video of someone chasing their tent across the campground may create a viral video, we’d hate to see it happen to you! So, we’ve found some of the best tent stakes to keep you and your tent grounded. Let’s get started!

The 7 Best Tent Stakes for Your Next Camping Trip

You don’t want to trust your shelter in the wilderness to ordinary tent stakes. You want the best on the market. Here are the seven best tent stakes for your next camping trip!

the view from inside a tent looking out at Minnewanka in Banff National Park

1. MSR Mini Groundhog Tent Stakes

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit, 6-Pack, Mini - 6-Inch , Red
  • 6-pack of lightweight, durable, and versatile camping and backpacking tent stakes that stay put
  • Three-sided Y-beam design offers superior penetration and holding power in a variety of soil types

The MSR Mini Groundhog’s Y-beam design can withstand poundings in various ground types. Guy lines are easy to attach to the notch at the top of the stake, and a pull loop makes these stakes easy to remove as well. In addition, these tent stakes have a 7000-series aluminum construction, which makes them lightweight and rugged. They come in a set of six, each weighing 0.35 ounces. 

Best Features: The aluminum construction means the MSR Mini Groundhog tent stakes are the perfect combination of strength and lightweight.

Drawbacks: Some users report that the MSR Mini Groundhog’s 6-inch length prohibits it from gripping the ground sufficiently. 

Best For: The MSR Mini Groundhog tent stakes are great for backpackers. They’re lightweight and take up minimal storage space.

2. Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook

Ti Shepherds Hook Stake Orange
  • Ti shepherds hook Stake orange
  • Category name: camping-survival

The Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook’s titanium construction makes it 45% lighter than steel and 2x stronger than aluminum. They’ll never rust or corrode and have enough flexibility to prevent damage. The Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook comes with a fluorescent orange coating to help prevent a tripping hazard or accident. The shepherd’s hook design not only makes it easy to push these stakes into the ground but also pull them up at the end of your trip.

Best Features: They’re ultralight and easy to use. You likely won’t need a hammer, making tent setup and cleanup easier than ever. Plus, if you’re backpacking or hiking, you won’t need to bring a hammer! 

Drawbacks: The titanium construction can bend easily, especially in rocky or packed soil.

Best For: These tent stakes are best for backpackers or hikers wanting to save on weight and planning to camp in grassy areas.

A man pushing his tent stakes into the ground

3. Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor

Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor | Small 4 Pack | Made in USA (Orange)
  • Lifetime Breakage Guarantee - If you break it, we will replace it!
  • Manufactured in the USA from 100% recycled materials

If you’re looking for tent stakes that stand out, the Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor is for you! These stakes come with a lifetime guarantee from breakages and are incredibly easy to use. At 1.8-ounces per stake, they’re considerably heavier than other stakes on our list. These tent stakes are 9.5-inches long and screw into the ground using the T-grip for increased leverage.

Best Features: The easy installation and lifetime guarantee are two of the best features of the Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor.

Drawbacks: The plastic and bulky construction make these prone to weaken over time and are too big for hiking.

Best For: The unique screw-in design makes the Orange Screw Ultimate Ground Anchor an excellent choice for beach tents in the sand.

4. Toaks Titanium V-Shape Tent Stakes

TOAKS Titanium Tent Stakes (Large V-Shaped)
  • Material: Titanium Alloy
  • Weight: Large V-shaped: 0.6 oz/piece, Nail: 0.33 oz/piece, Shepherd's Hook: 0.23 oz/piece, V-shaped: 0.4 oz/piece

Toaks Titanium V-Shape tent stakes have a titanium alloy construction. They’re 6.5-inches long and weigh 0.6 oz per tent stake. A large V-shape design gives you an excellent hold in both snow and soil grounds. A pack of six stakes comes in a bright orange carrying pouch to ensure you don’t lose a stake while packing up your campsite.

Best Features: These lightweight tent stakes work well in multiple ground types and have a unique design, so you have various ways to attach lines.

Drawbacks: According to reviewers, damage occurs if these stakes are not driven into the ground carefully. 

Best For: Use these in soft ground to get the most longevity out of these tent stakes.

a girl drinking coffee in her tent after setting up her tent stakes

5. FANBX F Tent Pegs

FANBX F Tent Pegs - 12Pcs Aluminium Tent Stakes Pegs with Hook - 7’’ Hexagon Rod Stakes Nail Spike Garden Stakes Camping Pegs for Pitching Camping Tent, Canopies (Silver)
  • ✔Compatibility : 12 – pack tent peg stakes with carrying bag; Diameter 6mm/0.23in; Length 18cm/7in; 16g per unit;
  • ✔ Durability: Light weight and durability aluminium alloy, corrosion resistance, very efficient.

FANBX F Tent Pegs are corrosion-resistant standard aluminum alloy tent stakes. They have a hexagon shape with a shepherd’s hook at the top. With 12 stakes in this kit that go 7in deep, you’ll have plenty of protection from the wind.

Best Features: You get 12 stakes that are corrosion-resistant and light.

Drawbacks: You’ll need all 12 stakes as these budget-friendly items are known for bending if pressure is not applied directly and evenly.

Best For: The FANBX F Tent Pegs are ideal for those on a budget.

6. Coleman 10” Steel Tent Stakes

Coleman 10-In. Steel Tent Stakes
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Camping tents accessories

Coleman is a well-known name in the camping industry, and this is another outstanding product. These 10” steel nails are thick and will sustain even the toughest of terrain. The nail tips have a dedicated spot to hook a tent’s stake loop and a hole to thread a guyline. When you choose these tent stakes, you can sleep soundly, knowing your tent is secure.

Best Features: The durable steel-coated construction and rugged plastic tops. 

Drawbacks: They’re very difficult to get a hold of when driven too far into the ground.

Best For: If you’re looking for one of the toughest tent stakes available, the Coleman 10” Steel is excellent.

A man standing on his tent stakes with two childrens feet standing on his foot

7. Coghlan’s ABS Plastic Pegs

Coghlan's ABS Plastic Tent Pegs, 6-Inch
  • Largest single brand of camping accessories in the world
  • Everything you need to enjoy the outdoors

Coghlan’s ABS Plastic Pegs are 6” or 12” and claim to be unbreakable. They’re large and have a no-slip hook construction. Their bright yellow coloring makes them easy to spot and hard to leave behind at the campsite. These are value stakes that will secure your tent on most surfaces but will struggle in sand or rocky soils.

Best Features: The value pricing and the bright color are highlights of this product.

Drawbacks: They’re only useful in soft soil or grassy areas.

Best For: If value and visibility are two of the most important characteristics for you, consider Coghlan’s ABS Plastic Pegs. 

Invest in Quality Tent Stakes 

You might not think that tent stakes are that important for your camping trip, but you’ll think twice when you’re in the wilderness, and your tent is trying to blow away!

Investing in a quality set of tent stakes for your tent means not having to rebuy items. We tried to create a list of some of the best stakes for the job, and we’re confident you’ll find a set that does the job for you. 

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