What Do You Need for Camping With a Baby?

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A baby happy because of his baby camping gear while camping

If you and your spouse have always enjoyed camping and are concerned that your love for the outdoors will have to be put on hold because of a new baby, don’t fret.

There are many items to help make your camping experience with a baby fun and enjoyable. Bring your little one with you, but be prepared with the appropriate baby camping gear.

Let’s learn more about making your new adventure pleasant for everyone!

Is It OK to Camp With a Baby?

It’s certainly OK to camp with a baby or young child. It just makes the experience different. It can also make the experience more difficult because you need more gear.

This goes for any kind of travel, whether you catch a flight to a big city or pack up the minivan to go to the beach.

When you travel with a baby, there are more essentials you have to take with you.

A baby and his parent in a hammock after setting up their baby camping gear

What Age Should You Take a Baby Camping? 

There’s nothing unsafe about camping with a baby unless you’re tent camping in a remote area. This is more dangerous in itself, even without a young child.

You’re farther away from emergency help and putting yourself in the middle of wildlife. Plus, you have to deal with changes in weather and temperature that could potentially be dangerous to you and your baby.

But if you’re RVing, don’t let a small child keep you from making memories together!

Head out to the Grand Canyon and take a selfie overlooking the South Rim. Visit Shenandoah National Park and hike along the trails with a backpack carrier.

You’ll want to make sure you’re in shape and can physically handle the extra weight of hiking with a baby. But there’s no reason to pass up those opportunities unless you just want to wait until your child is older.

Just remember to bring the baby camping gear!

Pros of Camping with a Baby 

One advantage of camping with a baby is getting your child accustomed to the outdoors at an early age. This fosters an appreciation for nature that you hope will grow as your child ages.

You hope this will encourage conservation and preservation. It will also reduce the potential for conflict down the road when you announce your family is going on a weekend camping trip. There won’t be much push-back if your child is used to this type of vacation.

Another pro is developing skills your child won’t otherwise learn. A baby is too young to learn survival skills or camping etiquette.

However, as your child grows up, they will develop skills beyond the academic classroom and virtual reality world. You hope your child won’t be so attached to devices and will enjoy playing outside more than sitting in front of a screen.

Finally, camping with a baby creates bonding experiences. Whether going for a hike with your baby, pushing the stroller around a campground, or swinging them to sleep in a hammock, you’ll cherish these moments.

There’s something powerful in nature that creates connection.

Cons of Camping With a Baby 

One disadvantage of camping with a baby is not being able to adhere to your daily routine. It’s important to stick to a routine when your child is very young, and camping can disrupt it.

It’s still possible to maintain the same habits and activities, but camping can also throw a wrench in a schedule you’ve worked hard to establish.

Another con is all of the stuff you have to pack. Although your baby is small, the camping gear is not. If you’re camping in a small trailer, your baby’s things can take up almost all available room inside.

It can be difficult to prepare a meal when your baby’s bassinet is in the middle of the kitchen.

Pro Tip: If you will be traveling with kids older than a baby, you’ll want to keep them entertained with these Camping Activities for Kids That Don’t Involve Screens!

A baby upset while camping because he doesn't have the right baby camping gear

What Do You Need for Camping With a Baby?

If you’re going to take your baby camping, there are some items you’ll want to make sure to pack. Baby camping gear is essential to having an enjoyable experience for everyone.

If your baby is happy, the parents and other siblings are happy.

Backpack Portable Travel Crib 

Guava Lotus Travel Crib with Lightweight Backpack Design | Certified Baby Safe Portable Crib | Folding Play Yard with Comfy Mattress for Babies & Toddlers | Compact Baby Travel Bed
  • 【CERTIFIED SAFE & LOW-VOC】It’s surprising, but some baby products, including play yards, still contain harsh...
  • 【WORRY-FREE AIRPORT TRAVEL】3D Z-Fold Technology allows it to fold compact enough to carry through airports, making...

This travel crib is lightweight and won’t take up a lot of space. It folds into a backpack, making it easy to transport even from campsite to campsite if you’re visiting friends.

Set it up in 15 seconds, and you’re ready to put down your baby for a nap. If your young child needs you to sleep nearby, the side zipper offers that assurance of your presence.

Outdoor Playpen with Sunshade 

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Play Deluxe Ultimate Playard, Aqua Splash - Full Coverage Indoor/Outdoor Portable Play Pen with Fast, Easy and Compact Fold
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE – Whether playtime is indoors or out, keeping your little one in one place is essential! The Summer...
  • FULL COVERAGE - Enjoy the outdoors even on sunny days, thanks to the full coverage canopy with two zip-open panels and...

If you plan on camping, you plan on spending time outdoors. This outdoor playpen with sunshade is a must to add to your baby camping gear. It’s a safe space for your child to roll around, play with toys, or nap.

Plus, the sunshade offers protection from UV rays. The 14 square feet of space is ample room for children up to 2 years old.

A baby in an outdoor playpen filled with toys looking through the mesh siding

Baby Backpack Carrier

ClevrPlus Cross Country Baby Backpack Carrier, Grey, Toddler Hiking Backpack with Comfortable Seat, Adjustable Straps & Belt, Foldable Frame Lightweight Large Capacity Child Carrier for Outdoor
  • ENHANCED SAFETY: "One-Piece Frame Design" ensures sturdiness and avoids assembly hassle. Also equipped with 5-point seat...
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT: Weighing only 5.5 pounds, ensures comfort for both baby and adult, even during extended hikes....

One of the best backpack carriers on the market is this ClevrPlus model. The adjustable seat grows with your child, and the frame only weighs a little over 5 pounds.

The padding of the straps and hip belt provide comfortability for you. A sun canopy/rain cover is included to fully protect your young one. 

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Camping Chair for Babies

Baby Delight Go with Me Venture Portable Chair | Indoor and Outdoor | Sun Canopy | 3 Child Growth Stages | Grey
  • YOUR ON-THE-GO SOLUTION: As a parent, we know that life takes you many different places. So, we designed this toddler...
  • EXTENDED USE: As your child gets older, the chair continues to fit their needs. The Venture Chair converts from sitting,...

You don’t want to pack up your high chair and bring it along. High chairs are too cumbersome for camping. Instead, add this camping chair to your baby’s camping gear to provide a safe place to eat.

Plus, it grows with your child up to 75 pounds. Just remove the tray when your child is older.

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Extra Long Camping Wagon 

MacSports WTCX-100 Mac Sports Extended Wagon Bag & Storage, Long, Black
  • ROOMY INTERIOR - Large capacity folding wagon opens to 49.5" L x 18" W x 11" H
  • EXTRA ROOM - Holds up to 30 percent more room than the regular wagon

When you need extra hands to carry everything to the pool, this camping wagon comes in handy. Throw in the towels, swimmies, floaties, and whatever else you’re bringing along.

You have one arm to carry your baby and one hand to pull the wagon. No need to carry around a heavy bag that may slip off your shoulder. 

Swim Diapers 

Pampers Splashers Swim Diapers - Size S, 20 Count, Gap-Free Disposable Baby Swim Pants
  • Pampers Splashers disposable swim diapers are designed for the pool, beach, or any water activity
  • Doesn't swell in water like regular diapers, for a comfortable fit when wet or dry

Most public swimming pools require swim diapers for babies, infants, and toddlers. So don’t forget a pack when you go camping.

Otherwise, you’ll be running to the nearest store to buy a pack, which might be miles away. That’s precious time lost when you could be making memories.

A baby swimming in a pool from one set of hands to another with a swim diaper on.

Baby Sun Hat

FURTALK Baby Sun Hat UPF 50+ UV Ray Sun Protection Cotton Toddler Hats for Boys Girls
  • Baby Sun Hat for Kids : FURTALK baby sun hat is made of natural mix fabrics, 95% pure cotton and 5% premium spandex, so...
  • Infant Hats grows with your baby; the baby hat has three sizes to fits most Kids; Size 0-6 Months suitable for baby Hat...

The outdoor playpen with sunshade and backpack carrier with sun canopy is designed this way for a reason – sun protection.

Your baby’s skin is sensitive. Protect it always. A baby sun hat like this one offers 50+ UV rays protection for both the head and neck.

Plus, it’s easy to hand wash and air dry.

Baby First Aid Kit

Wallaboo Basic First Aid Kit for Babies, Durable and Sturdy, Camper
  • Kit contains instant cold pack, single-use thermometer and others see detail listing below
  • All quality products are 100% safe for baby and fully tested, all products latex free and CE-marked

You should always carry a first aid kit with you when camping. But a first aid kit for babies is another good addition to your baby camping gear.

This particular kit contains 33 items, including a pair of vinyl gloves, a single-use thermometer, and a bottle of Saline wash.

You hope to never have to use it, but if you do, you’ll certainly be thankful you have a baby first aid kit.

A baby first aid kit with all of the contents laid out on a table

Baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Sleeves

baby deedee Sleep Nest Travel Quilted baby Sleeping Bag Sack with Sleeves, Gray Skies, Medium (6-18 Months)
  • FIRST EVER BABY DEEDEE SLEEPING BAG FOR OUTDOOR AS WELL AS INDOOR USE: Innovative design allows for effortless...
  • BUCKLE THROUGH DESIGN PERFECT TO PLACE BABY IN STROLLER. No need to wake baby up. Simply pull the stroller buckle...

If you choose to go tent camping with your baby, this sleeping bag sack is an essential item.

The water-resistant material is ideal for camping, and the removable sleeves mean your baby can be comfortable in all temperatures.

This sack is also great for stroller walks around the campground.

Mosquito Net for Stroller, Car Seat & Bassinet

Baby Mosquito Net for Stroller, Car Seat & Bassinet – Premium Infant Bug Netting for Jogger, Carrier & Pack N Play – Toddler Canopy & Gift Packaging
  • MOSQUITOES ON THE UPTICK! Use our stroller mosquito net to place around your stroller and other baby products.
  • EXTRA STRONG NETTING & SNUG FIT ELASTIC! Fits tightly around most common devices for babies. Perfect size: 43 x 51...

You never know when you’ll encounter a swarm of mosquitoes. Most of the time, they enjoy stagnant water.

Other times, these insects are annoying even in perfect conditions. Protect your baby with a mosquito net.

It’s a cheap and safe way to keep mosquitoes from bothering your child and protect them from possible diseases.

A baby stroller sitting outside with a mosquito net over it

Don’t Forget Your Everyday Items 

Although these are all items to add to your baby camping gear, don’t forget your typical everyday items like diapers, wipes, bottles, pacifiers, and such.

Pack your baby’s favorite blanket and toys. If your child needs a sound machine to go to sleep, don’t leave home without it.

Remember, routine is important. Try to keep your surroundings the same as much as possible, even when your activities may be a bit different.

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Start Them Young With the Right Baby Camping Gear

Camping is a great family bonding experience. These weekends also provide memories that parents will remember for a lifetime. Traveling with a baby can be difficult.

Hearing your baby’s cries at night and hoping the neighbors don’t wake up is every parent’s fear. But don’t stay home just because you’re worried about what might happen.

Head for the forest or beach with your baby. Be flexible but be prepared!

Do you have all of these items in your baby camping gear essentials?

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