Why RVers Should Have a Home Base

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Family getting ready to leave for summer vacations with RV.

Housing costs are rising all over the country. Many find buying an RV and traveling a good idea until the markets return to normal levels.

Before you sell your house and all your possessions to hit the road, you must consider having a home base. It’s been a lifesaver for many who enjoy RVing.

Today, we’re sharing with you several reasons we think it’s important for RVers to have a home base.

Let’s dive in and get started! 

What Is a Homebase?

A home base can be a house, a tiny house, or even just land where RVers can go when they’re not traveling. Many RVers will use a home base to stay seasonally or for short periods between trips.

If you’re planning to live fully or partially out of your RV, you’ll want to make sure you plan for the necessities like water, sewage, and electricity.

Having a home base can be tremendously beneficial for travelers and serve as a safety net if circumstances change quickly.

Can You Buy Land for an RV Home Base?

Many RVers simply buy land to serve as their home base. They’ll make modifications to the land to make it more comfortable and easier for them to get in and out of their property with their rig.

However, you can’t just buy land and set up an RV home base. Some local rules and regulations can prevent you from living in an RV on your land.

We’ve heard horror stories of RVers buying land to create an RV home base. However, they didn’t do their homework. Not too long after moving their RV onto the land, they received a letter from local code enforcement.

If they had done the work ahead of time, they would have learned that an RV is not an approved residential dwelling. They had made an expensive mistake.

Make sure you take your time and do plenty of research if you’re considering buying land.

You might discover that the desired area doesn’t allow it or that getting access to utilities will be expensive or complicated.

Taking your time can help you avoid making a costly mistake or investing in land that will be of little use to you.

Why RVers Need a Homebase

Things don’t always go as planned, and some things are out of your control.

It’s good to have a place where you can go when needed. Here are a handful of reasons RVers need a home base.

A Comfortable Place to Rest and Recharge

Traveling to new and exciting places can sound exciting, but it can also be very exhausting. A home base can be a great place for RVers to rest and recharge between adventures.

Sometimes you just need a place to kick up your feet and relax for an indefinite time. A place where you don’t have to worry about making a reservation or staying limits.

You can come and go as you please when you have a home base.

A woman relaxing at her RV home base and watching TV

Space to Do Maintenance and Repairs

Many RVers love having a home base because they can create a space where they can easily do maintenance and repairs on their rig. RVers can store their tools and other items needed for maintenance and repairs as easy as possible.

Some home bases have structures with smooth cement pads. It also has covers that make it easy to crawl under a rig and protect it from the elements.

If you take care of your RV, there’s a good chance it’ll take care of you. You must keep your maintenance up and don’t delay addressing any repairs.

Paying someone else to do your maintenance and repairs can be very expensive, and having a place to do them yourself can ensure they get done right.

A man fixing up his RV parked at his home base

A Place to Hunker Down During Chaos

If the past few years have shown us anything, chaos can happen quickly. Our plans can get derailed by travel restrictions with very little notice.

Having a place to hunker down during a chaotic situation can help you be self-sufficient and avoid depending on campgrounds or RV parks. 

Many found places to hunker down during the pandemic, thinking it would only be a couple of weeks before things were back to normal.

They never imagined it would still be an issue in some areas two years later. A home base ensures you have a place to go during a chaotic situation.

Extra Storage Space

There are some things you just don’t want to get rid of or take with you during your adventures. A home base can be a great place to store these items, so they’re waiting for you to return from traveling.

Many RVers with a home base will store winter or summer clothes at their home base, so they don’t have to take up a closet or other storage space in their RV.

While many RVers set out to travel and enjoy the lifestyle for the rest of their lives, that’s not how it usually pans out for RVers. After a few years of traveling and seeing the country, many choose to settle down somewhere.

Anything you can store while you travel is something you won’t have to buy once you get off the road. Those expenses can add up quickly, especially if you sold all of your stuff before hitting the road.

Keep in Mind: Extra storage space is something we missed about living in a home! After 5 Years of Full-Timing, this is everything we missed living in a Sticks and Bricks

Many use an RV home base to store winter and summer clothing

Things to Consider When Looking for an RV Homebase

There are several things you should consider when looking for an RV home base.

What people are looking for in a home base will vary from person to person.

But the bottom line is you want to be picky about where you set up your RV home base. 


The location of your home base is an important decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Making a mistake in its location can make or break the entire plan.

You want it to be in an ideal location for what you value most. If you want to spend lots of time with friends or family, you’ll likely want your home base to be in an area close to them.

Beyond your family, you also want to consider the weather and what the area has to offer. Planning to stay put during the winter months?

You’re likely not going to want your RV home base to be in any of the northern states where it gets very cold. You also want to consider if your home base will offer the activities like hiking, exploring, or enjoying water sports.

Just because you’re parked for an extended amount of time doesn’t mean you don’t still want to have fun.

Residency Requirements

You want to consider how long you’ll stay in a state and any implications it could have for you regarding residency. Some states may have issues with you regarding taxes if you spend more time in a particular state than another.

Make sure you research and talk to a financial advisor about any potential taxes. Additionally, talk about issues that could arise if you establish a home base in a particular state.

Domiciling in a state is rather common among RVers and other travelers. Make sure you check the requirements for your particular state regarding your domicile.

If you’re setting up your RV home base in a new state, you may have to eliminate your domicile in your current state to become a resident of your RV home base state. 

Pro Tip: Many RVers choose Florida as their resident state while on the road! Take a look at how you can become a Florida Resident As a Full-Time RVer

Know RV Restrictions 

Just because you own the land and your RV doesn’t mean you can park it anywhere you want.

Some counties only allow RV owners to stay in their RVs for a period of time or only if they’re constructing a residential dwelling.

Even if you’re not planning to live in your RV, some HOAs and local regulations prohibit parking RVs in driveways or on the side of the street.

You want to make sure you do your research on the area, especially if you’re planning to store your RV at your home base.

You don’t want to sign a lease or get into a long-term investment and discover that you’ll need to store your RV elsewhere. Check with the city or county officials before getting too far.

An RV parked at a home base in the driveway

Make Life Easier With a Homebase While RVing

Having a home base while RVing can make your life easier. It gives you a place to set up your RV, relax, and take care of any items on your to-do list.

Depending on the location, you may be able to visit family and spend time with people who matter most to you and those traveling with you. Take your time to create the perfect home base for your situation.

You just might find that you enjoy RVing more than ever.

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  1. You might think paying rent or a mortgage while RVing is a waste but it isn’t. RVing ain’t cheap. Plus you are not using, electric, gas, water and food when you are gone.

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