Is Zero-Down RV Financing Possible?

Most people finance their RVs, but some financing options still require a large down payment. So is it possible to get an RV with zero-down financing?

Here, we’ll share everything you need about RV financing and whether zero-down is worth considering.

Like many other large purchases, RV financing is a loan a buyer secures through a bank, credit union, or other financial institution.

What Is RV Financing?

Financing an RV can be challenging because many banks and financial institutions see them as luxury purchases.

Is It Hard to Finance an RV?

Some lenders offering zero-down options may require higher monthly payments or interest rates to minimize their risks of funding a bad deal.

Is Zero-Down Financing Available for an RV?

Generally, a down payment of 10% to 20% of the purchase price is typical for RV financing. 

What Is the Typical Down Payment on an RV?

- You Don’t Have Wads of Cash on Hand - You Plan to Pay off the Rig Soon

Reasons to Consider Zero-Down RV Financing

- Harder to Find Financing - Likely to Get Higher Interest Rates - You’re Likely Underwater from the Start

Reasons to Avoid  Zero-Down RV Financing

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