Yurt Tents: Everything You Need to Know

Yurts are one of the trendiest styles for upscale camping or “glamping”. Those looking for a more portable, affordable, comfortable, and charming alternative should check out a yurt tent.

If you’re wondering about the differences between glamping styles and what makes yurt tents stand out, you’re not alone. Read on to learn more about this useful tent growing in popularity.

It’s one step above a standard tent regarding space and style but below the average yurt since it offers less permanent shelter and protection from the elements. 

What Is a Yurt Tent?

Versatility and portability are two of the strong suits of yurt tents, so that you can use them almost anywhere for nearly any event!

Where and Why Are Yurt Tents Used?

This includes business or personal retreats, small cookouts or parties, or an excellent extra space in your backyard for everything from a kids’ play area to a home office.

While a yurt tent offers more comfort, space, and protection from the elements than a typical tent, they’re generally not full-time living spaces.

Can You Live in a Yurt Tent?

The most obvious is their size. An average yurt tent is significantly larger than most personal tents, with enough space for a medium-sized group to stand or sit.

What Makes a Yurt Tent Different Than a Regular Tent?

Many yurt tents also come with stove jacks, which allow stoves to vent smoke directly through the roof. This can be incredibly valuable as it will enable campers to cook inside.

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