Wyoming Hot Springs You Can’t Miss

Have you ever been to a hot spring? This natural phenomenon is produced by geothermally heated groundwater.

The naturally occurring radioactive elements below the Earth’s crust heat the groundwater. Arkansas may be known for Hot Springs National Park, but there are hot springs all over the country. That includes the Wyoming hot springs.

Astoria and Granite Hot Springs are outside Jackson. Boiling River Hot Springs is near the Montana border in northwestern Wyoming and more.

What Town in Wyoming Has Hot Springs?

Yes, you can get in the hot springs at these various locations. Hot Springs State Park in Thermopolis has three soaking pools and is home to the Wyoming State Bath House.

Can You Get in the Hot Springs in Wyoming? 

Hot Springs State Park Open year-round, Hot Springs State Park is a day-use park with a free bath house. It’s over 6 miles of trails with “The Swinging Bridge,” a suspension bridge.

Wyoming Hot Springs You Can’t Miss

Located above Granite Creek Falls outside of Jackson, Granite Hot Springs features a waterfall-fed soaking pool and a swimming pool. The soaking pool remains at a warm 104 degrees year-round.

Granite Hot Springs

Offers guests a unique hot springs experience in its private teepee-covered hot pools, which remain around 100 degrees to 112 degrees.

Saratoga Resort and Spa

Open year-round, the Hobo Pool in Saratoga is free and open to the public. There are two natural pools adjacent to the Platte River.

Hobo Pool

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