Animal Lovers: Add the Wolf Sanctuary in PA to Your Bucket List

According to the International Wolf Center, the gray wolf was on the endangered species list for decades. In October 2020, officials removed the species from the Endangered Species Act.

The Wolf Sanctuary, PA, seeks to help the public better understand these incredible creatures. They provide a haven for these wolves to grow and thrive.

Resting in Lititz, Pennsylvania, the Wolf Sanctuary is in the heart of Pennsylvania, Dutch country.

Where Is the Wolf Sanctuary, PA?

At the Wolf Sanctuary, PA, the staff seeks to dispel those myths and educate visitors about the species. Global conservation efforts have increased as wolf populations decrease.

What Is the Wolf Sanctuary?

The Wolf Sanctuary, PA, is home to 50 gray wolves and wolf dogs.

How Many Wolves Are at the Wolf Sanctuary, PA?

Guided Public Tours The guided public tours offer a glimpse into a world that once existed in this region. You’ll learn about the history of the sanctuary, see some of the packs, and hear their stories.

Which Tours Are Available at the Wolf Sanctuary?

Private tours are $45 per person. They are similar to public tours, but they move slowly to visit each pack. Guests learn about wolf conservation, the wolves, and the mission at the Wolf Sanctuary, PA.

Private Tours

The arrival time is between 7:00 to 7:15 pm, and the event concludes at 10:00 pm. You can bring chairs, blankets, non-alcoholic refreshments, and snacks to enjoy the evening.

The Full Moon Fundraiser

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