5 Reasons to Avoid Winter RV Camping

No matter what time of year you go camping, it can be challenging. However, winter RV camping is an entirely different ballgame.

If you don’t take the time to prepare yourself and your RV, it can be a dangerous and costly experience.

If you’re considering braving Old Man Winter this year, you might want to think again. Here, we’ll share five reasons you should avoid winter RV camping.

You can do some things to help combat the cold weather, but it’s best to head south or wait until spring for a camping adventure.

1. Even Four Season Campers Can’t Handle Extreme Cold

This is because they often experience much less traffic, and the costs of staying open aren’t worth it for them as a business.

2. Many Parks and Attractions Are Closed

This can create a very hazardous situation that even the most experienced RVers will find too much.

3. Winter Storms Create Dangerous Road Conditions

RV skirting does an excellent job of keeping the cold air from blowing under your RV, but it’s costly.

4. Prepping Your RV for Cold Temperatures Can Be Expensive

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