5 Reasons We Avoid Wilderness RV Mattress

If you’ve spent any time sleeping in an RV, you know how uncomfortable the standard RV mattresses are. A new mattress is one of the first things new owners purchase after getting an RV.

Wilderness RV Mattress is popular, but there are good reasons to avoid purchasing from this company based on personal experience.

Let’s look at five reasons to avoid these mattresses. Even though it’s a popular company, these negatives might make you think twice before purchasing.

When you’re paying over $1,400 for an RV mattress, that is pricey. Some residential mattresses don’t cost that much.

They’re Expensive


Our mattress from Wilderness RV Mattress was super heavy. We couldn’t lift up our bed and get to the storage underneath without two people.

They’re Heavy


Another customer said, “Mattress is comfy, but they absolutely do not stand behind their warranty, and their customer service is awful.”

They Have Poor Customer Service


Most companies suggest switching out mattresses every eight years or so. Ours from Wilderness RV Mattress only lasted three.

The ‘Premium Quilted Top’ Lost Its Shape, and the Mattress Formed a Dip


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