Why You Should Upgrade Your RV AC Filter

Your RV AC filter serves the important purpose of protecting the inner workings of your rooftop air-conditioner.

That’s why an AC filter upgrade is one of the most important RV improvements you can make. It’ll lead to a longer life for that particular appliance, healthier air, and greater peace of mind.

Let’s dig in to see more about these filters and which ones are best as upgrades.

Yes! RV air conditioners have come with filters since the dawn of ACs in RVs. 

Do RV Air Conditioners Have Filters?

Your RV air filter generally sits under the AC vent cover on the inside of your RV. To access the filter(s), simply unscrew your entire AC vent cover and drop it down. 

Where Is My RV Air Filter?

You should change your AC filter after 150-400 hours of use. That’s a wide time range, however. Where you fall will depend on the areas you camp in.

How Often Should You Change Your RV AC Filter? 

You can buy filters that will last longer than your stock variety. Also, you can upgrade to a filter that will remove odors, allergens, and more from your air.

Benefits of Upgrading Your RV AC Filter

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