It’s Official: The RV Bubble Has Burst

If you’ve been wondering when will the RV bubble burst, we’re here to announce that it officially has.

While there may not have been a giant “popping” sound over Northern Indiana, the impacts are evident throughout the RV community.

The RV bubble refers to the massive surge in demand for recreational vehicles over the last few years.

What Is the RV Bubble?

With the increased difficulties traveling during the pandemic, many people turned to RVs to travel safely. This resulted in an unprecedented demand for campers of all shapes and sizes.

The entire motorhome segment saw a 13% decline, with Class A’s dropping 27% compared to last year.

When Will the RV Bubble Burst?

The RV bubble bursting is good and bad news, depending on who you ask. For manufacturers and dealers, the RV bubble bursting is not ideal.

Is the RV Bubble Bursting a Bad Thing?

2020 As a result of travel restrictions and constantly changing requirements, many chose to purchase campers instead of going on far-away vacations.

What Caused the RV Bubble?

The supply shortages for manufacturers made it impossible for them to keep up with the demand from dealerships and consumers.

Supply Shortages

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