What Is the Lincoln Highway?

If you enjoy traveling, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Route 66. You might have even taken a journey along the Mother Road and stopped at the Blue Whale or Cadillac Ranch for a selfie.

Before Route 66 ever came into being, there was the Lincoln Highway. Looking at the map, you’ll notice it was truly a transcontinental route, whereas Route 66 only connected Chicago to Santa Monica.

About the Lincoln Highway

Named in honor of President Lincoln, the Lincoln Highway became known as “The Main Street Across America” and brought great wealth to cities along the route.

At the northeast corner of 42nd Street and Broadway in New York City, you’ll find a metal street sign with “Lincoln Highway” printed on it.


The western end of the highway has a sign near the California Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

The Lincoln Highway helped promote travel and tourism in the early 1900s and helped deliver goods across the country.

What Is So Special About the Lincoln Highway?

How Much of the Lincoln Highway Is Still Drivable? 

You can still travel most of the old Lincoln Highway today via Route 30 and Interstate 80.

Are the Lincoln Highway and Route 66 the Same Road?

The Lincoln Highway and Route 66 don’t follow the same path on the Lincoln Highway map. The Lincoln Highway predates Route 66 and extends from coast to coast.

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