What Is An Overland Camper?

If you’re looking for adventure, overland camping is the perfect way to experience it. You can see the country without worrying about where you’ll sleep each night. 

An overland camper is an excellent way to travel off-grid. They are like regular campers but with modifications for rough terrain.

So, what exactly is an overland camper, and who makes them? What features do they have, and how much do overland campers cost? Keep reading to find out!

An overland camper is a specially designed vehicle with features like a rooftop tent, off-road tires, and a built-in kitchen.

What Is An Overland Camper?

For the overland camper, venturing off the beaten path is all about the journey, not the destination.

What Is the Point of Overlanding?

Companies that specialize in recreational vehicles often make overland campers.

Who Makes Overland Campers? 

On the lower end, you might find a basic overland camper for under $10,000. At the high end, you could spend upwards of nearly two million.

How Much Are Overland Campers?

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