What Is a Nobo Camper?

Are you looking for a quality, lightweight adventure camper? A Nobo camper might be your answer. 

The rugged towable travel trailer is all the rage from its owners. 

Keep reading to learn about Nobo campers and which models are on the market. We start by filling you in on who makes Nobo. So let’s get started.

A Nobo camper stands for No Boundaries. The travel trailers are a lightweight line that you can tow with four-cylinder and six-cylinder vehicles.

What Is a Nobo Camper? 

No Boundaries travel trailers have eight models with varying floorplans. And each comes with specific features and add-ons. 

About No Boundaries Travel Trailers 

Forest River RV makes Nobo campers. No Boundaries is one of its 32 travel trailer brands. 

Who Makes Nobo Campers? 

Forest River RV manufactures a wide range of recreational vehicles, including travel trailers, campers, fifth wheels, destination trailers, and all classes of motorhomes.

About Forest River 

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