What Are the Best RVs to Live In?

An RV can be the best of both worlds. Traveling in an RV means you have the opportunity to visit a new place as often as you like.

Living in an RV means you have all the comforts of home along with you.

Today we’ll help you make an informed decision by looking at the best RVs to live in while you’re on the road.

The answer isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. You’ve got a lot to consider, such as how many people will be living in the RV and how often you’ll travel. 

What Are the Best RVs to Live In? 

Class A RVs tend to have a reputation for only being for the retired crowd, but they can be great for all ages and family sizes.

Living in a Class A RV

Class A RVs make their presence known. They’re large in almost every way. While there are various lengths available, even smaller Class A RVs feel big.

Advantages of Class A RV Living

Class A RVs are costly. You could spend upwards of $200,000 on a new model. The maintenance fees can also add up quickly. 

Disadvantages of Class A Living

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