What Are Canadian Provinces?

You might have considered crossing the border and spending a day or two in Canada. Or, if you’ve planned a road trip to Alaska, your route will take you through the western provinces of our northern neighbor.

So have you ever wondered what are Canadian provinces? Canada has no states, so how does the country divide its land? Let’s look closer and learn about its provinces and territories!

It has the world’s longest coastline. The total area is almost 10 million square kilometers. Roughly 39 million people live in Canada.

How Big Is Canada?

Unlike the United States, Canada doesn’t have states. Instead, it divides its land into provinces and territories. The provinces have more sovereignty and power than the territories.

Does Canada Have States?

British Columbia British Columbia’s capital is Victoria, but its largest city is Vancouver. Over 5 million people call this Canadian province home. It’s the third-largest province behind Quebec and Ontario in terms of area.

What Are Canadian Provinces?

Its capital is Edmonton, but its largest city is Calgary. About 4.6 million people live here. Interestingly, Alberta is only one of two landlocked Canadian provinces.


Its capital is Regina, but its largest city is Saskatoon. About 1.2 million people live in this province. It’s the second of Canada’s landlocked provinces.


Approximately 1.4 million people call this Canadian province home. Manitoba is one of the most diverse provinces with arctic tundra, dense boreal forest, freshwater lakes, and prairie grasslands.


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