One-Day Itinerary for Watson Lake, Yukon

At mile 635 of the Alaska Highway sits the tiny town of Watson Lake, Yukon. If you’re heading to Alaska, you’ve got just under 700 miles left. However, this town makes for a great overnight stop.

Don’t worry; we’ve found several excellent options to do just that. Today, we’re sharing our one-day itinerary for Watson Lake, Yukon.

You could spend hours wandering through the forest, looking at all the unique items. You may find something from your hometown.

Explore Sign Post Forest

They said the staff told them where to get all the materials and lent them nails and a drill bit. This friendliness will make you want to live in a small town like Watson Lake.

Visit Watson Lake Visitor Interpretive Centre

You’ll find interactive displays and information about Canada’s space program and rock technology. It also features a 100-set domed theater.

Learn at the Northern Lights Space and Science Centre

While exploring the Sign Post Forest, you’re next to the Watson Lake Recreation Centre. Here you’ll find various recreation facilities available for everyone to enjoy.

Play at the Watson Lake Recreation Centre

We suggest bringing a set of binoculars to get an up-close look without startling them. The wilderness that surrounds Watson Lake, Yukon, is full of wildlife.

Bird Watching and Wildlife Viewing

You’ll find several species of trout, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Kokanee Salmon. The area has numerous lakes, rivers, and creeks that offer excellent fishing.

Catch Dinner While Fishing

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