Waterfalls in New Hampshire You Have to See

There’s something majestic and magical about waterfalls in NH. How else can you explain the shrouded mystery of a waterfall’s mist? Or the vibrant colors that arise from the surrounding grounds?

Nature creates breathtaking scenes you can visit with short hikes and day trips to these amazing places. Today, we’ll tell you all about the best waterfalls in New Hampshire.

The falls formed during a rainstorm in 1883, which washed away a massive boulder giving way to a stream of water.

Avalanche Falls

The waterfalls have many small, shallow pools at the base, and you can find historical remains of a water wheel.

Diana’s Baths

The main falls drop about 30 feet and originate from Franconia Brook. You can access the falls on a fairly easy 3-mile hike, with only about 300 feet of elevation gain.

Franconia Falls

As Ellis River flows across the forest floor, it reaches a plunge of 64 feet, creating one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in N.H.

Glen Ellis Falls

Within the gorge, you’ll find two plunging waterfalls and a punchbowl fall at the top. You’ll come across several smaller waterfalls viewable from the many walking bridges along a short hike.

Sabbaday Falls

The lower waterfall cascades 30 feet over a wide rocky ledge ending in a dark pool. Harvard Falls, the upper waterfall, plunges 60 feet within a fork from Harvard Brook.

Georgiana Falls

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