You Can Still Visit the Forgotten Town of Warm Springs, Nevada

Here, you’ll find abandoned mining towns scattered throughout the state that once were bustling areas of life. Warm Springs, Nevada, is one of those locations. 

If you travel along Highway 6 or Highway 375, you might want to check out this abandoned ghost town and imagine what life must have been like in the 1860s.

You can find Warm Springs, Nevada, located 50 miles east of Tonopah at the junction of Highway 6 and Highway 375 in the south-central part of the state. 

Where Is Warm Springs, Nevada?

It was originally established as a stopover for stagecoaches in the 1860s, but not many people ever called the town “home”.

What’s the History of Warm Springs, Nevada?

There’s not much to see at Warm Springs, Nevada. The only people who stop by are those tourists who enjoy walking through the abandoned ghost towns of the West.

What Can You See at Warm Springs?

It’s important to note that this hot spring, as beautiful as it may be, is not open to visitors. It’s on private property and not open to the public. 

Are You Allowed to Get in the Hot Spring in Warm Springs, Nevada?

Spencer Hot Springs It has three or four pools where you can relax and enjoy the stunning views of the Big Smoky Valley. 

Other Popular Hot Springs in Nevada

Once you arrive, you’ll find multiple pools dammed up throughout the canyon. It even has a sauna cave and a hot spring waterfall.

Gold Strike Hot Springs

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