Does Wandering Labs Actually Get You Sold Out Campground Spots?

There are some campgrounds where it feels nearly impossible to snag a reservation.

Instead of constantly clicking “refresh” on the reservation page, some campers are turning to Wandering Labs to work smarter and not harder.

Wandering Labs is a campsite reservation assistant made for people who love camping, by people who love camping.

Create your request, sit back and let the software do its thing. It will check for changes in availability based on your specific request.

How Does Wandering Labs Work Exactly?

The premium version is $30 per year, roughly the equivalent of staying a single night in many state parks.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Wandering Labs?

While Wandering Labs is a revolutionary software, it can only do so much. It doesn’t magically open or change the availability of sites at sold-out campgrounds.

Does Wandering Labs Actually Get You Sold Out Campground Spots?

One user said, “We have been 100% successful, getting every campground we’ve ever requested since we heard about Wandering Labs 2.5 years ago.” 

What Are People Saying about Wandering Labs?

Unfortunately, some resources utilize bots to reserve campsites instead of simply alerting users. The owners of these bots would snatch up campsites as soon as they become available.

Are People Using Bots to Reserve Campsites?

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