Voting Rights for Full-Time RVers No Longer on the Chopping Block

One of the first things many nomads do when hitting the road is to establish their domicile. For years, South Dakota has been one of the best and most popular states for this.

Individuals receive many of the same benefits as other residents, including voting rights. However, several proposed bills recently tried to strip RVers of those rights.

South Dakota Bill to End  Full-Time RVers Voting Rights Fails We can happily report the death of Senate Bill 124 and House Bill 1232.

The South Dakota Senate and House State of Affairs Committees deferred the bills to the 41st legislative day, essentially killing the bills. 

The legislation would have prohibited anyone with a commercial or industrial address from voting in elections.

What Was Senate Bill 124?

This piece of legislation would aim to clarify the definition of residency. 

What Was House Bill 1232?

South Dakota has earned a reputation for being one of the most domicile-friendly states for RVers.

Why Do RVers Choose South Dakota for Domicile?

One of the biggest perks of becoming a resident of South Dakota is that the state doesn’t have an income tax.

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