Redditors Share Their Favorite Unusual Camping Foods

Does meal planning for a camping trip stress you out? You won’t have all of the kitchen gadgets that you tend to use in your residential kitchen.

A Redditor recently asked fellow campers about their favorite camping foods, and some of the responses weren’t what you might expect.

Generally, you smell the roasting of hot dogs and hamburgers when camping.

What Are Typical Camping Foods?

The biggest aspect of easy meal planning for camping is convenience. The fewer meal preparations you have, the better.

What Makes Certain Foods Good for Camping?

Smash Burgers  It’s a ball of ground beef placed on a hot grill and then smashed into a thin patty. 

Redditor Asks About Favorite Camping Foods on Reddit

Similar to the commonly cooked quesadilla, a  Pie-iron pizza is cooked over a fire in a skillet or pie iron.

Pie Iron Pizzas

You can make it as an RV crockpot meal, where you layer the meat, seasonings, and tater tots in a slow cooker. 

Tater Tot Casserole 

One Redditor mentioned a delicious savory snack on cool afternoons or late-night campfire chats. “Rolls and cheese. Warm Hawaiian rolls dipped in hot nacho cheese. Perfect snack around the campfire”.

Rolls and Cheese

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