What is the Ugliest National Park?

When you plan to visit a National Park, you expect to see grand vistas. Perhaps you’ll imagine towering mountain ranges in the Rocky Mountains.

You can’t wait to see the crashing waves against the rocky shoreline of Acadia or experience epic wildlife adventures in the Everglades.

But what about Congaree National Park? What’s there to see that’s glorious, breathtaking, or inspiring? We’ll examine why this South Carolina park is the ugliest National Park in the country.

Congaree National Park is truly a wilderness. Visitors can experience this wilderness on foot via hiking trails or a canoe or kayak via the Cedar Creek or Congaree River. 

About Congaree National Park

Congaree National Park is east of Highway 601 and west of Interstate 26 in Hopkins, South Carolina.

Where Is Congaree National Park?

Initially, Congaree Swamp National Monument, the federal government removed the “swamp” from the name when redesigning it as a National Park.

Is Congaree National Park a Swamp?

There’s a reason Congaree National Park is the tenth least-visited. The reason is not because it’s so far away. It’s because it’s simply ugly.

Why Is Congaree National Park Ugly?

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