Trucker Lingo Everyone Should Know

It’s common for groups to develop jargon for communicating. The trucking community has a rather extensive list of trucker lingo that they use. 

For outsiders listening in on these conversations, it can be incredibly confusing and frustrating trying to decipher the meanings.

Trucker lingo, or CB radio slang, is a language that professional drivers use to communicate with each other over CB radios or on the road.

What Is Trucker Lingo?

Trucker 10 code, also known as the CB 10 code, is a system of numerical codes used in various industries to communicate quickly and efficiently over radios. 

What Is Trucker 10 Code?

Yes, drivers still use trucker lingo today. While technology has advanced, and drivers now have access to smartphones and other communication devices, CB radios are still commonly used on the road. 

Do Drivers Still Use Trucker Lingo?

Truckers communicate in several ways, but CB radios are the most common method. Citizen Band radios are two-way radios that operate on specific channels. 

How Do Truckers Communicate with Each Other?

10-4 It’s a code to acknowledge that a message has been received and understood.

12 Trucker Lingo Terms You Need to Know

The term “breaker, breaker” is used to grab the attention of others and let them know that the speaker has an important message or needs to communicate something urgently.

Breaker, Breaker

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