Tips for Avoiding Truck Camper Weight Problems

You can do a handful of things to avoid experiencing truck camper weight problems.

Let’s look and see what you should do to keep your truck camper and vehicle safe during your adventures.

The easiest way to find the payload capacity of your vehicle is to check the sticker inside the driver-side door.

Know Your Vehicle’s Payload Capacity

We recommend finding a CAT Scale at a truck stop to check your vehicle’s weight when it’s fully loaded. 

Weigh Your Rig Regularly

You’ll need to evaluate whether or not some things are worth bringing with you on your adventures.

Leave Stuff at Home

The easiest way to reduce the weight of your truck camper is to remove any unused equipment. If you’re not using equipment or items on your camper, remove them.

Remove Unused Equipment

Consider using aluminum if you plan to renovate or modify your truck camper. Aluminum is substantially lighter than other metals and can do the job in many instances.

Use Aluminum When Possible

However, while aluminum will do the job in many instances, it’s not perfect. If you need it to carry the weight of a hefty load, it may be better to use a sturdier and more capable piece of metal.

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