Truck Camper Accessories People Actually Swear By

We quickly discovered items we needed to buy when we transitioned to a truck camper.

While we could use some of the equipment we had from our fifth-wheel adventures, we frequently added truck camper accessories to our shopping cart.

Today, we’re sharing some truck camper accessories people swear by. Let’s look at the gear you might want to add to your shopping cart!

Tie downs are essential accessories that secure the truck camper to your vehicle. They reduce the sway and movement you feel while the vehicle is in motion.

Tie Downs

They bridge the camper and the tie downs and make it convenient to increase the tension between them.

Turn Buckles

A quality truck bed mat can protect your truck bed and prevent it from moving. This truck bed mat is 0.375 inches durable rubber resistant to tears and abrasions.

Truck Camper Bed Mat

After using a truck camper for years, it can bang up your truck bed. However, adding truck bed bumpers to your trailer can help soften the blow.

Truck Bed Bumpers

When parking your truck camper, you want to be as level as possible. This is where plastic leveling block accessories for your truck camper come in handy.

Leveling Blocks

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