How to Fix a Trailer Hitch That’s Stuck on the Ball Story

Are you having trouble with your trailer hitch getting stuck on the ball? Few things are worse than getting your RV or trailer positioned perfectly and then struggling to unhitch.

While this causes frustration, it doesn’t have to ruin your day. We’ve found a handful of things you can try the next time you end up in this situation.

Trailer hitches provide a secure connection between the vehicle and the trailer, ensuring the safe transport of goods and materials.

Hitch balls are parts of a trailer hitch that connect the hitch to the trailer coupler. The ball inserts into the coupler and locks the ball in place.

What Are Hitch Balls?

If your trailer hitch gets stuck on the ball, you can do a handful of things to loosen it.

Ways to Try to Loosen a Stuck Trailer Hitch From the Ball

A lack of lubrication is one of the most common causes of hitch stuck on a ball. If you don’t already, have a can of spray lube readily available when towing a trailer.

Add Lubrication

Sometimes a trailer may get stuck on the hitch ball because of the ball’s placement on the coupler.

Slightly Move Your Vehicle Forward and Back

If you struggle and get frustrated, you may have to go the extra mile and get a little more physical with your stubborn hitch.

Bounce on the Vehicle

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