Is TrailManor RV Still in Business?

If you have been in the RVing world for a while, you have likely come across Trail Manor RV. The RV manufacturer is known for its pop-up designs and has been around since the early 80s. 

The Great Recession and COVID-19 did a lot of damage to the nation’s small businesses, but it seems TrailManor is one of the survivors of the struggle.

William J. Hulsey founded TrailManor RV in 1983 after building the company’s prototype for his wife. She needed an upright travel trailer with hard walls and a bathroom. He made it happen.

TrailManor RV is still in business today. The Hutterite Colony has done fairly well keeping the company’s affairs moving forward.

Is TrailManor Still in Business?

Though TrailManor started production in Tennessee, it has migrated since its foundation. Nebraska was the company’s second manufacturing site.

Where Is TrailManor Made?

2518 Series This is the smallest unit in the Trail Manor lineup. You can tow this trailer with a properly equipped minivan, crossover, or SUV.

The TrailManor Lineup

This Trail Manor camper comes with a queen bed for sleeping, but you can add a double bed or a sofa bed with the other floor plan choices.

2720 Series

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