Top 5 Regrets of Buying a Fifth Wheel

Is your mind set on buying a fifth-wheel trailer? It’s wise to invest a generous amount of time researching a product before making a significant purchase. 

The last thing you want is to regret buying a fifth wheel because you weren’t fully prepared for what you’re committing to!

A fifth wheel is a specific type of camping trailer connected to a tow vehicle via a fifth-wheel hitch. This hitching style uses a gooseneck or kingpin to connect the trailer and tow vehicle.

Many RVers dream of owning a big RV and truck; however, they quickly regret their purchase when bills start showing up each month.

1. Requires a Large Truck

Learning to hitch and set up a fifth wheel takes significant time and practice.

2. Hitching and Setting up Takes Time… And Lots of Practice

Because you’re towing the RV behind you, you’ll need to find a convenient spot to pull over to access the fifth wheel’s living quarters. 

3. No Access to Living Quarters When Driving

You may carry bicycles or a small trailer but towing a vehicle as your triple tow can be dangerous.

4. Can’t Tow a Car

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