Top 11 Things to do in Delaware

Delaware, although being very small in size, can, in fact, offer many fun and exciting places to visit both to its visitors and the locals as well.

So, what to visit, regardless if you are a local or only wish to come to Delaware for a vacation? 

Well, depending on your preferences, you could visit a couple of these great places, or even better, all of them as they all provide a unique experience!

If you are a car lover and are a big fan of NASCAR, then you have to visit the Dover International Speedway.

Dover International Speedway


A great venue to visit when in Delaware and attend one of many concerts held on a weekly basis.

Grand Opera House


If you are more of an outdoor person, then this trail is just for you when visiting Delaware!

Junction and Breakwater Trail


A mixture of great machinery and history in Delaware. You can go and explore the interiors of many planes now retired, a fantastic sight for everyone!

Air Mobility Command Museum


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