Top 10 Things to do in South Carolina

South Carolina is a state located between North Carolina in the north and Georgia to the south and west. 

Open on its east side to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean for over 180 miles, this state is a real jewel once you get to visit it and experience its amazing natural, as well as man-made historical places.

The capital of the state is Columbia while the largest city is Charleston, and from Charleston to Greenville, you can listen to many stories about the region, the people who inhabited the land.

What better way to experience the vast history Charleston, the largest city in the state, has to offer than this?

Charleston Old South Carriage Historic Tour


Another great way to explore South Carolina is by the sea – this experience can simply shift your perspective a bit.

Schooner Sailing Cruise


It is peculiar that it seems that the lighthouse floats on water, however, when they erected it, it was some 1200 feet from the shore!

Morris Island Lighthouse Tour


You can observe the many species, learn a thing or two about them, and even sleep beneath a glass tunnel while the sharks are swimming above you!

Ripley’s Aquarium


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