Top 10 Things to do in North Carolina

The state of North Carolina is also packed with history, tradition and great stories to tell.

When visiting, you can see the remains of ancient cities Native Americans erected before the first settlers arrived.

Then you can take a walk through the memorials from the Revolutionary war as North Carolina was the first to vote for independence and take up arms against Great Britain.

The view, especially on higher parts of the parkway, is just breathtaking, as you see the peaks, the forests, and rivers, small and lulled towns.

Blue Ridge Parkway


If you wish to explore the beautiful nature North Carolina has to offer, a great place to go to is Linville Gorge. 

Linville Gorge and Linville Falls


A remnant of the World War II era located in Wilmington, this battleship offers its visitors a unique opportunity to see what the life on a battle cruiser was like.

Battleship North Carolina


Located in Asheville, apart from amazing architecture, you can also take a horse carriage and explore the estate.

The Biltmore Estate


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