This RV Toilet Turns Your Waste Into Biodegradable Ash

Many adventurers dream of heading out for off-grid adventures in remote locations. Unfortunately, answering nature’s call while enjoying the great outdoors is unavoidable.

Thankfully, the TinyJohn from EcoJohn makes it much more manageable. If you’re tired of black tank issues or want more freedom while camping, this product is worth considering.

TinyJohn is a waterless incinerating toilet designed for off-grid use by explorers. They feature a compact design, which makes them perfect for tiny living in a van, RV, or cabin.

What Is the TinyJohn Toilet?

EcoJohn produces the TinyJohn from their North Little Rock, Arkansas, facilities. They manufacture their products in the United States of America.

Who Makes TinyJohn Toilets?

Water Conservation Unfortunately, this requires you to conserve water. In these situations, flushing toilets can waste an incredible amount of water.

Benefits of a TinyJohn Toilet

Incinerator toilets like the TinyJohn are among the best options for off-grid capabilities. These systems can operate seamlessly if you keep power and fuel to them. 

Off-Grid Capabilities

When finished, the final product is a sterile pile of ash. This means you no longer have to worry about contamination issues.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Once installed, the TinyJohn requires minimal maintenance. Cleaning the ashes and changing the propane tanks is the only necessary maintenance.

Low Maintenance

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