How Much Does a Thousand Trails Membership Cost?

Americans are always trying to save money – clipping coupons, buying Groupons, or taking advantage of deals and discounts at retail stores. Travelers aren’t any different.

A membership is one way RVers can do that. One of the most popular campground memberships in the country is Thousand Trails.

The Thousand Trails membership cost will vary from level to level. Your budget, travel lifestyle, and location will help determine which option is best for you.

Whereas other memberships allow a 90- to 120-day booking window. This Thousand Trails membership cost is $630 per year.

Zone Camping Pass

Whether you have the camping pass or the Adventure package, you can add over 100 additional locations to your membership for $330.

Trails Collection Add-On

It’s the most affordable, it’s the most popular upgraded membership option. This Thousand Trails membership costs around $7,995 with annual dues of $630.

Elite Basic 

The 21-night stays and  park-to-park benefits are the same as the option to buy two extension weeks for $29 each at any Thousand Trails campgrounds.

Elite Connections

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