Should You Camp at the Thousand Trails Chehalis Resort?

If you’ve stayed at a Thousand Trails resort, you know it can sometimes be hit or miss. Some of the campgrounds in the network are well-kept and offer plenty of things to do.

However, some just stink, for lack of a better term. So what about Thousand Trails Chehalis Resort? Let’s see what this campground offers.

Thousand Trails Chehalis can foot the bill if you’re a member of the Thousand Trails network and looking for a place to stay in Washington.

A camping membership program with over 190 camping locations throughout the country. Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc. owns the campgrounds, which have a resort-style feel.

What Is Thousand Trails?

Thousand Trails Chehalis is in Chehalis, Wash. The campground is near I-5 and the halfway point between Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Wash.

Where Is Thousand Trails Chehalis?

The campground has hiking and biking trails, mini golf, pickleball, and a swimming pool. You’ll have no trouble spending time outdoors.

What Amenities Does Thousand Trails Chehalis Offer?

Take a Day Trip to Seattle This is your chance to explore the Emerald City of Seattle. Simply hop on I-5 and head north for approximately 80 miles.

Things to Do Around Thousand Trails Chehalis

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