The Best Things to Do in Talkeetna

Looking for some things to do in Talkeetna? You’ve come to the right place! Despite its tiny population, this town has much to offer. As they say, big things come in small packages.

Don’t make the mistake of underestimating this tiny town. You can have an epic Alaskan adventure. Don’t believe us? Keep reading, and we’ll share the best things to do in Talkeetna. Let’s get started!

Several local flightseeing tours provide incredible views of the surrounding area. These typically involve small aircraft and helicopters, both of which can be exhilarating.

Take to the Skies

Even if you went on a flightseeing tour and experienced the park from the air, it’s worth a trip on the ground. Seeing all 20,310 feet of Denali standing proud and tall in the distance can take your breath away.

Visit Denali National Park

This is the perfect place to unwind at the end of the day and reflect on your adventures. If you follow the path, you can walk around Talkeetna.

Stroll Along Talkeetna Riverfront Park

You’ll walk past the Talkeetna Schoolhouse, a historic hotel, and several original cabins from former residents.

Learn on a Historical Walking Tour

You can sign up for daily river trips or take it further and go on an overnight adventure. The daily river trips typically last about four hours.

Climb Aboard a Talkeetna River Rafting Adventure

Take your time to learn about the indigenous people who lived here for thousands of years.

Experience Talkeetna Historical Society’s Museum

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