These City Parks Are Better Than Most State Parks

All across the country, cities are showing off by creating state-of-the-art parks for everyone to enjoy. 

These parks aren’t your typical teeter-totter and curly slides either, and they’re not just for kids.

We’ve found 10 of the best city parks that are better than most state parks. Let’s take a look!

Forest Park opened in 1876 and was the site of several major events, including the 1904 World’s Fair and the Summer Olympics. 

Forest Park in  St. Louis, Missouri


This park in Baltimore is packed with historical significance. In the War of 1812, American troops stood ready for the battle of North Point here.

Patterson Park in Baltimore, Maryland


The park has a unique sundial that uses a guest’s shadow to tell the time. You can also find a beautiful view of Seattle from practically anywhere in the park.

Gas Works Park in Seattle, Washington


This 66.5-acre park is a natural space with programs to provide inclusive and engaging experiences for all ages and walks of life.

Gathering Place in  Tulsa, Oklahoma


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