Everything to Know About the Taylor Highway in Alaska

The landscape and abundant wildlife are remarkable! One highway in Alaska, the Taylor Highway, is no exception, as it takes you through 160 miles of beautiful, open land.

When traveling the Taylor Highway, you might feel as though you’ve been transported back in time. And although remote, it’s worth the preparation. Let’s learn more about this popular roadway!

The Taylor Highway travels through eastern Alaska’s old gold mining regions. It connects to the Top of the World Highway, which continues east to Dawson City, Yukon.

Where Is the Taylor Highway?

The Taylor Highway stretches 160 miles through eastern Alaska. Tetlin Junction, where it begins, lies about 11 miles east of Tok.

How Long Is it?

One reason is the lure of driving the Top of the World Highway. It’s one of the most northern routes in North America and takes visitors through beautiful wilderness.

Why Do People Travel the Taylor Highway?

The Taylor Highway in Alaska isn’t dangerous due to narrow roads or steep mountain passes. But it could potentially be difficult because of its remote location.

Is the Taylor Highway Dangerous?

It’s not dangerous as far as the height, length, or width. There are no size limitations. But the rough gravel road is enough to deter some RVers from making that trek.

Can RVs Travel the Taylor Highway?

Along the Taylor Highway in Alaska, overnight camping isn’t allowed at BLM wayside. However, you have four campgrounds along the route.

Can You Camp Along the Taylor Highway?

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