Starlink Comes Standard on These RV Brands

Thor Industries and SpaceX teamed up to add the satellite internet service to several 2023 RV brands. Internet connectivity is a must for many traveling nomads. 

As younger people hit the road and working parents and online students need reliable internet, Starlink has emerged as one of the top developers of fast, portable connectivity.

Starlink is high-speed, low-latency broadband satellite internet. The low-orbiting constellation of highly advanced satellites is the largest in the world.

What Is Starlink?

The benefits of Starlink for an RVer or someone living in a rural sticks-and-bricks house are the extremely fast speeds and the continuing growth of the system itself.

What Are the Benefits of Starlink?

The regional price costs $150 per month, while the global price costs $200 per month. These costs are usually out of the budget for many RVers.

What Are the Cons to Starlink?

Parents may need to work for several hours a day. Kids must log on to complete school assignments or join an online class. 

Why Is Internet Connectivity Important for RVers?

Thor Industries is the largest RV manufacturer in the world. In North America, Thor owns 16 RV brands and 14 other companies.

What Is Thor Industries?

Although Thor Industries owns dozens of companies in the RV industry, only four brands will offer Starlink as an option: Airstream, Entegra Coach, Jayco, and Tiffin. 

What Thor Brands Will Offer Starlink as an Option?

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