What Is a Squatted Truck (And Why It’s Banned)

Some vehicles stand out from the rest and can make you do a  double-take. We’ve seen some unusual things, but we had to look twice the first time we spotted a squatted truck.

Photo: Ford Authority

You’re not missing much if you’ve never witnessed one of these oddities on the road. So what is a squatted truck, and why are states banning them?

A squatted truck is a vehicle altered to sit lower to the ground, often by cutting and lowering the suspension.

What Is a Squatted Truck?

Photo: Ford Authority

The phenomenon began in California with Baja racers.

When and Where Did Squatted Trucks Start?

Depending on the kit, size of your truck, and other factors, this modification could cost between $300 to $10,000.

Is It Expensive to Squat a Truck?

Photo: Ford Authority

While you may like the way squatted trucks look, they’re typically not very safe. They transfer weight from the front axle to the rear axle. 

Are Squatted Trucks Unsafe?

Other states, like South Carolina, want to move toward passing legislation that would ban these vehicles.

Where Are Squatted Trucks Banned?

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We understand many drivers want to give their vehicles some character. Unfortunately, squatted trucks can be unsafe on highways.

Should You Drive a Squatted Truck?

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Photo: Ford Authority