Get Nostalgic at Spring Lake Beach

Spring Lake Beach is a fun and nostalgic swimming hole in Rhode Island. While Rhode Island has the ocean, sometimes you need a low-key beach to hang out at for the day.

That’s where Spring Lake Beach comes in. Let’s jump into this 750-foot beach to see what it’s all about!

This unique beach is in the town of Burrillville in Rhode Island’s northwest corner. It’s a quaint little town in a more rural part of the state, so you’ll get a calmer experience than in New England’s cities.

Where Is Spring Lake Beach?

Spring lake is a convenient drive from the town of Burrillville via several of its roads like Routes 95, 146, and 295. You can drive right up to the lake parking lot.

How Do I Get to the Beach?

Parking is free at Spring Lake Beach. Daily admission for Burrillville residents costs $4, and non-residents pay $7 for entry to the beach.

How Much Does It Cost to Visit Spring Lake Beach?

You can rent beach games like volleyball, badminton, and even toys like hula hoops from the beach office.

What Is There to Do at Spring Lake Beach?

An old-fashioned arcade with some of the oldest games in the country. Try your hand at a retro pinball machine, mechanical fortune teller, and much more to live out the good old days.

What Is the Spring Lake Arcade?

Summer is the best time to visit this quiet, pleasant beach if you plan to use it as a swimming hole.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Spring Lake Beach?

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